the author of the announcement about the sale of shirts of Russian President Vladimir Putin has told about its origins. His words are quoted Telegram-channel “Rise”.

the Source of the channel explained that it had picked Putin from his friend in one of the hotels of Nizhny Novgorod. “Usually, after the President visits a hotel, special forces searched the room and find forgotten things. But then, apparently, something went wrong. And the shirt was my friend”, he added.

the Man said that thing Putin has never been washed. He also suggested that she hand sewed to order, because the tag is not specified by the manufacturer.

the author of the ad said he was ready to confirm the authenticity of the shirt “via a DNA test”. “The price drop, not planning. And so it was 180 thousand, now 165 thousand worth it, cheaper is nowhere”, — he concluded.

Shirt appeared on “Avito” earlier in June. The announcement States that it has a size 48-50 (XL) and was found in a hotel.