Up to 750 million euros could be victim of the League concerning the Corona-crisis in the Worst-Case scenario, let DFL Boss Christian Seifert said. All other competitions are affected. The Premier League already calculated a potential billion-loss.

the organizers of The “French Open” and the “US Open”, proclaimed that through the failures of a financial loss of up to 250 million euros could be incurred. Something Sunny it looks in the South of England. Although the Wimbledon tournament had to be cancelled, the economic damage, since the has completed the All England Club, the organizer of the tournament, in 2003, in the Wake of the spread of the SARS Virus a pandemic-insurance.

the All England Club conceded reported three-digit million sum

As the Times, must pay the operator an annual rate of 1.7 million Euro for insurance. Due to the cancellation of this year’s tournament, the insurance jumps for that now financially, and the organizers compensated with Slippers 114 million euros.

This prestigious tournament is not likely to be in a similar existential Distress as some of the other competitions, clubs or races. Also in Wimbledon, we calculated a financial loss of a quarter of a billion. This sum is now halved, at least almost.

The All England Club showed up on the tidings immediately in solidarity and announced that it will donate 23 million euros to associations, players, coaches, tournaments, and referees to support the sport of tennis in the world.

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