The moon could not be formed in the collision of Earth with a huge cosmic body, and another way, according to a study by Japanese scientists, the results of which are published ScienceAdvances. The experts came to this conclusion after analyzing data from the satellite, which was in lunar orbit.

The theory of “dry” moon, which suggests the emergence of earth’s satellite as a result of collision of the young planet with a huge space object needs to be revised, scientists believe. According to the traditional concept almost all volatile substances from the moon’s surface evaporate under high temperatures.

However, experts, having examined the information from the satellite “Kaguya” on one and a half years stationed in lunar orbit, found that the moon exudes a powerful flow of ions of carbon and other elements. The data do not fit in entrenched in the astrological community theory of the origin of Earth satellite.

In early April, as reported by “the Rambler”, the US President Donald trump endorsed the development of commercial exploitation of resources on the moon. Representatives of the Russian space Agency accused the Americans of trying to seize space areas.