Dozens of agents of the U.S. Secret service contracted the coronavirus. We are talking about a minimum of 34 employees. These figures are provided by Yahoo! News, citing a report of the Ministry of internal security of the United States (it is run by service).

The document shows that at least 34 members of the Secret service identified a coronavirus. Treating agent 11, and 23 have already recovered. Another 60 employees are quarantined.

While there is no information about how did you communicate to affected employees of the Secret service with the first persons of the state.

Officially, the Secret service does not comment on information about diseases COVID-19 – “to protect the confidentiality of information and ensure operational safety.”

US secret service (United States Secret Service, USSS) is a Federal Agency. The main task is to protect the President and his family, Vice-President, other senior officials; preventing the forgery of money, securities and documents. The service also investigates financial fraud and identity theft.

In March, the Secret service acknowledged the positive test to a single employee. But now the problem has worsened.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that the White House had contracted three employees, including the assistant to Ivanka trump and press Secretary to the Vice President.