Implement the Minsk agreements “almost impossible”, said the Kiev representative in the contact group on Donbass Denis Kazan.

He believes that “almost impossible to implement the” Minsk agreement “in the form in which (they) are,” because the agreement “so abstractly stipulates that each side interprets them differently,” reports TASS with reference to radio “New time”.

However, statements about the invalidity of agreements Kazan called “infantile”. According to him, “we need to understand what will happen instead of” them. He stressed that without the Minsk agreements, “there are no agreements about the situation in the Donbas.”

“It unleashes and we turn again to the hot stage of the war until signed the “Minsk-3” – said Kazan, adding that we need “transformation” arrangements.

Without it, “it can last 20 or 30 years,” he said.

Newspaper OPINION pointed out that Kiev in recent days has sharply toughened its rhetoric about the Minsk agreement and clearly lets know that is ready to give them up.