We looked at how the hospitals and clinics of Khanty-Mansiysk, Surgut and Kogalym. Medical facilities of Yugra well-equipped, modern medical equipment, all the conditions for the treatment of patients, noted, analyzing the results of the working visit, the Deputy Director for organizational and methodical work of the National research medical center of tuberculosis and infectious diseases, Vadim Tests.

Specialists of the Ministry of health came to the conclusion that almost all medical institutions that they visited in the course of the visit, repaired, have the necessary communications, primarily to provide oxygen as it is one of the elements of treatment for respiratory failure, which occurs when the disease COVID-19.

– In Ugra good staffing of medical personnel, especially medical personnel. Medical organizations of Yugra quite successfully cope with the pandemic, although the inhabitants of the region, of course, have the right to make a claim against them. But you need to understand that the entire health care system of the country is today in a difficult situation. I can conclude that the level of medical care in Ugra is quite good, – summed up Vadym Tests.

the fact that for the past weeks in the region, a growing number of cases, was praised as a positive. According to Vadim test, the dynamics due to the fact that Yugra is well provided tests for the coronavirus.

– Coverage of research on COVID-19 in Ugra above the national average. The increase of patients among the population is high, not because the region is very high morbidity, but because doctors reveal them in time. Analysis and structure of cases shows that in Ugra large number of General cases, but much less severe than that shown by world statistics. In the district of detected patients at an early stage much more than in the whole country and the world, – said Vadim Tests.

the Representative of the Ministry of health also said that some of the developments of Ugra physicians and health systems of the Autonomous Okrug in General, after a more detailed study can be applied in regions of the country, where as a lot of people working in shifts.

– We understand that Yugra – specific region, there are a lot of shift workers who come from different regions. This factor inevitably is an additional source of importation. In addition, the workers are constantly in close contact with each other, leading to local outbreaks. But most importantly, Ugra able to localize, – concluded the representative of the Ministry of health.

Vadim Tests emphasized that doctors of Ugra, the health care system as a whole no need to involve in the fight against the pandemic DOP��leitlinie forces, including from the Federal government.

– Forces and means in the region enough to cope on their own. Completely say that we were able to stop COVID-19, it will be possible only when will be solved the main problems with the immunization of the population to this infection in the country as a whole. It is a General principle of development of epidemic process, – said the representative of the Ministry of health.

this Vadim Tests were reminded that with the coronavirus, residents will manage much faster if you continue to do a mask mode, the requirements of the course and all the other vital doctors ‘ recommendations.