two of the city hospital, redeveloped for hospitalization of patients with coronavirus infection, returned to the standard mode of operation — hospital for veterans of wars № 3 and city clinical hospital named after I. V. davydovskiy. Reported by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

the Volume of emergency medical care in Moscow. To the normal mode returns, and planned hospitalization.

last week to provide routine and emergency medical care back hospital of a name of D. D. Pletnev, named after E. O. Mukhin, named VP Demikhova, named M. E. of Zhadkevich, city clinical hospital No. 31, the hospital on Shabolovka and hospital for war veterans No. 1. Primarily doctors.

All the medical staff was tested for COVID-19. In the future employees will be the study on a weekly basis.

In accordance with the interim standard. Spaces additionally air and decontaminated air in them. Planned hospitalization of patients is in compliance with mask mode and social distance. Patient flows are separated — use a separate entrance to the building, perform the necessary disinfection. Patients take records with a time interval of at least 15 minutes.

in addition,. To the planned treatment, the doctors proceed only after receiving negative results. While waiting, patients are placed in separate wards in compliance with all requirements of sanitary-epidemiological security.

Hospitals are disinfected, vysokochastotnye surface is treated at least twice a day. Staff and patients have additional non-contact dispensers, and faucets with negativum control for hand hygiene.

the provision of routine medical care in Moscow will return three thousand coalbed in the fresh air and walk around the museums. Moscow has moved to the next stage of the removal of restrictions

to Learn more about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of struggle with them by phone of hot line: +7 (495) 870-45-09 (daily from 08:00 to 21:00), as well as in special projects