Previously, the Association of trading companies and manufacturers of electrical household and computer equipment RATEK said that branded remote remotes can’t pass the border.

Difficulties have arisen after July 2, entered into force order of the Ministry of Finance “On the competence of the customs authorities”. Previously, the customs authorities processed imports by HS code (commodity code for export-import operations), and description of products. The new wording of the order of the Ministry of Finance has excluded the test of the description. As a result, some codes covering a wide range of products, there has been confusion.

So, under one code came electronic cigarettes and remote controls. According to the order, the goods under this code shall take place not through the usual, and through the customs terminal (TSAT), but there issue only to excisable goods to which the panels are not relevant.

as a result, the goods stuck at the border and can not pass the customs control, told “RG” Anton Guskov, a representative of RATEK. He noticed that similar problems arise with other codes.

the Ministry of Finance confirmed that in the first days of instruction for the misunderstanding of customs bodies and participants of foreign economic activity of the standards document. But now all issues are resolved. “Now this problem is removed, the release of goods classified by codes from the Annex to the order, is TSAT in a regular mode”, – told “RG” in the Ministry.