American scientists in the course of the year using CT scanners studied what happens in the brain of elderly people during aerobic workouts. It turned out that they increase blood flow in two key areas of the brain associated with memory, – front part of the cingulate cortex and in the hippocampus. The memory of these volunteers after a year of training increased by almost 50 percent compared to those who are not engaged in fitness.

– the blood flow in the brain is a part of the puzzle, and we are trying to solve, says BINU Thomas, an employee of southwestern medical center the University of Texas. – We have already received enough data to understand that starting a fitness program can benefit our brain and heart throughout life. Moreover, even when the memory of an elderly person begins to fade, he’s still at poyavlyat by changing your way of life, has been actively and continuously engage in aerobic exercise.

a Set of such exercises is very broad, it’s walking, running, swimming, skiing, skating, rowing, dancing, tennis. Experts advise to deal with them quite intensively, but without overloading, at least three a week, for at least 20 minutes.

based On these studies, the researchers intend to develop a drug or a procedure that safely direct the flow of blood in those areas of the brain, from which most influenced the memory, and in the future to create a combination of effective strategies to help millions of people prevent or delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The paper was published in the Journal of Alzheimer”s Disease.

Today in the world Alzheimer’s disease affects about 32 million people projected by mid-century that number could increase four times. The average life expectancy after diagnosis is about seven years. Still science does not know the causes of the disease. The world’s leading companies have already spent on research, many billions of dollars, was developed by dozens of drugs, but clinical trials have not proven their effectiveness. So currently, drugs for Alzheimer’s disease does not exist. Offers plenty of ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in particular are recommended to do physical exercise, to stimulate thinking and stick to a balanced diet.