The vote on the amendment to the Constitution of July 1, in a timely manner, despite the situation with coronavirus. This was stated on Monday the Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

"Today, the President announced the vote on the amendments to the Constitution. It seems that we are not in this pandemic, the problems with the economy, what kind of a vote. Indeed, there are problems, and the problem is serious, but not the decisions taken are also a serious problem," he wrote in his blog.

According to Sobyanin, the situation of coronavirus has not only revealed the strengths of the society, but also the problems in the organization of medicine, science, regional office.

"So it’s time to make decisions that will help avoid problems not so much today as tomorrow, in the future," said the mayor.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on holding a nationwide vote on an amendment to the Constitution on 1 July. To make the basic law a number of amendments he proposed to address to the Federal Assembly in January 2020. The relevant presidential bill was adopted by state Duma approved by the Federation Council and of the legislative assemblies of all regions of the country.

Originally the vote was scheduled for April 22. However, because of the situation with coronavirus Putin in a televised address to the citizens on 25 March stated that you need to move.