The Immortal regiment March, canceled may 9 because of the situation with coronavirus, will take over. About this “Vedomosti” said a Federal official and a person close to the mayor’s office, and a source close to the leadership of one of the regions.

The event, scheduled for July 26th, it may take 2 Sep. The reasons for this decision are named the same as the continuing increase in the number of cases COVID-19 across Russia, and hot weather.

So, in Moscow preparing for the procession as of July 15 and has not begun. At the same time, naval parades, scheduled for the same date will be unchanged. According to a source in the defense Ministry, preparations continued at all the bases of the fleets and flotillas, in compliance with all precautions.

Informed about transfer of the March reported in the press service of the movement “Immortal regiment of Russia”, wrote the Telegraph. It was noted that the decision to postpone the event can be made on 16 July at a meeting of the Central headquarters.

“We expect the adoption of any decision by our leadership. This issue is very serious, but to say 100 percent whether or not a March, we currently can not”, — noted in the organization.

26 may the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced that the traditional March “Immortal regiment” will take place on 26 July, the Day of the Navy. The Russian leader stressed that the Kremlin will be watching closely the developments of the pandemic and, if necessary, will decide on the postponement of the March at a later date.