The fine, which was discharged to the invalid of the first group Irina Karabulatova for violation of the regime of self-isolation, cancelled. About this Agency city news “Moscow” said the head of Main control Department of Moscow, Minister of Moscow government Evgeny Danchikov.

“With the situation with a fine clear. Looked at all the objective justification that was. A penalty revoked today, as the regime of self-isolation it has not violated,” said Danchikov.

As previously reported the Agency “Moscow”, the main oversight Directorate of the capital in the priority order considered the complaint of Irina Karabulatova – the invalid of the first group, which was fined for violation of the regime of self-isolation.

The app “Social monitoring” designed for patients with COVID-19 and SARS, which are treated at home. Development allows Muscovites, whose illness is mild, stay home in a comfortable environment and at the same time inform about adherence to quarantine.

During registration the user is required to verify your phone number, take a photo and share geolocation. This is necessary in order to check whether the user is in the same location, which was specified in the agreement, choosing the treatment at home.

To the user it was not possible to leave the smartphone at home and go out without it, the app at a random time sends push notifications with additional confirmation – this will require you to take a picture.