In the Colombian city of Sincelejo alive patient declared dead, sent to morgue, and refused to release when he regained consciousness. About it writes edition Daily Mirror.

the 67-year-old Juan Jose Munoz Romero (Juan Jose Munoz Romero) was admitted to the hospital with complaints of high blood pressure. A few hours later his family was informed that the man died. They refused to show his body, citing restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic COVID-19.

Despite the ban, the daughter of Romero entered in the hospital’s morgue and found out that her father is not only alive, but conscious. Despite this, physicians continued to convince her that he’s dead and signs of life, to which it refers, is a normal physiological response observed after death.

the Woman didn’t believe their explanation, and insisted that her father was transferred to another hospital. He is now undergoing treatment. “The time he spent in the morgue, has not passed for it completely, and now he is suffering from ischemia”, — told reporters son Romero.

In February it was reported that a Chinese woman was mistakenly sent to the morgue alive husband. After a few hours the error was noticed by the staff of the funeral home that prepared the man for burial.