Football agent Dmitry Selyuk predicted prison sentences to the leaders of the Moscow “Locomotive” because of the death of 22-year old player innocent Samokhvalova, who was training in the club. His words are quoted by “Soviet sport”.

Earlier Selyuk appealed to the General Prosecutor’s office to open an investigation into the death of a football player. “In Russia it is criminal article. I think the doctor and the General Director of “Lokomotiv” can really sit down, if you hold an objective investigation,” he said.

in addition, Selyuk noted that the parents of a football player, probably under pressure from the management of the club, so trials followed immediately.

Samokhvalov played for farm-club of railwaymen — “the cauldron”. He died on 20 April during individual workouts from a heart attack. The player is survived by his wife and son.