the Investigation team continues to ignore Russia’s loans facts the true causes of the crash Malaysian Boeing MH-17 over Ukraine. In the Netherlands, resumed hearings on the case about the crash of an airliner. And again, the investigation team is on his own: the plane was shot down by a missile complex “Buk”. She was allegedly delivered to the Donbas from the 53rd brigade of anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Russian Armed forces, which was stationed in Kursk.

meanwhile, the defence points to serious shortcomings of the investigation, which hinder objective investigation. One of them is the corruption in Ukraine.

From the start of the resumed hearing in the case of the lost aircraft international investigation team began to dismiss all the arguments of the defense. Not accepted even unique data about the crash, provided by the Russian defense Ministry and the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the evidence provided by the investigation, are also far from perfect. This drew the attention of the attorney Boudewyn van Eyck, one of the accused Russian citizen Oleg Pulatova.

Pulatov, a former airborne officer in the intelligence service of the DPR held the position of chief of the intelligence Department in the rank of Colonel. According to Mr. van Eyck, in fact, there are a number of serious inconsistencies that have caused many problems for the international investigation team.

in addition, van Eyck notes that were investigated, only 30% of the wreckage, while most of them were beyond repair. The lawyer again pointed out that the crash site was not cordoned off immediately after the crash. And, as a consequence, a number of key evidence could fabricate, to throw or, conversely, to eliminate.

— did anyone expect better? They order to make Russia solely responsible for the collapse of the “Boeing” in the sky over Ukraine, — told “MK” military expert Alexei Leonov. — So even the most objective, in fact, unique data such as those presented by our defense, they are not proof. Because they don’t prove it. For this Commission in the Netherlands there are no concepts of presumption of innocence. Russia, together with the militias of Donbass should be guilty on that they will stand.

For this, as the expert, they are busy looking for any, even insignificant facts, which can “blind” the guilt of Russia.

Security Pulatova paid to another fact: Ukraine’s participation in the investigation had a negative impact on the investigation because of the extremely high level of corruption in the country. The lawyers noted that the only objective pursued by the Ukrainian investigative authorities is not an objective investigation and attempt to blame the crash of an airliner Russia. Lawyer Boudewyn van Eyck also noted that not sees no obstacles to include the investigation of the Russian investigators.

As noticed by van Eyck, Dutch investigators were not able to collect some evidence. Some of them, for example, the record of negotiations of the DNR militia, was provided to the investigation by the Ukrainian security services. Another difficulty, which, according to the lawyer, faced the consequence is the search for witnesses who directly observed the time of the disaster.

Recall that in addition to Oleg Pulatova the investigation in the crash of MH-17 accuses Igor strelkov (Girkin), Sergey Dubinsky and Leonid Kharchenko.