The laws of April will relate to pensions, insurance and will protect the loans from COVID-19


Social pensions will grow by 6.1 percent

From April 1 social pensions will be indexed. This is stated in the RF Government Decree of March 13, 2020 No. 270 “About approval of coefficient of indexation since April 1, 2020 social pensions”.

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/RIA Novosti Pensioners will be able to cancel the trip by train remotely

the document notes that the indexation factor determined in the amount of 1,061. That is, the growth will be 6.1 percent.

get Social pension for old age, in disability, loss of breadwinner, and children whose both parents are unknown. Suspensio old age, appoint those who lack seniority for calculation of pension insurance.

will Also be indexed payments for state pensions.

Quick payments cheaper

From 1 April, the Central Bank resets its rates to banks for transfers between individuals in the System of quick payments. This should be the message of the regulator.

Thus, citizens will be free or with minimal fees to transfer money from card to card banks in the system.

the Zeroing of rates of the Central Bank until 30 June 2022.

the mortgage will be affordable

the Bank of Russia will reduce premiums risk ratios for the mortgage, which will be issued to citizens from 1 April. This is stated in the message controller.

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS the Ministry plans to subsidize mortgage

This is done to ensure the availability of mortgage lending when the Bankand suspend the reduction of interest rates due to pandemic coronavirus and the fall of the ruble.

“mortgage will become a bit more accessible from 1 April in comparison with February-March. But not more affordable in terms of interest rates and terms of loan, – told “RG” Alex Krichevsky, expert Academy of financial management and investments. – The essence of the allowances that they are forcing banks to more carefully review credit history and income potential of the borrower, and the debt burden”. It has the value of the initial contribution. The smaller it is and the higher the level of debt of the borrower (the person has other loans or a small salary), the more problems arise from wanting to take the credit.

And if, before April 1, the expert explains, a borrower with one or two credits could either refuse the mortgage or issue it with great interest, then in April, the probability of a positive decision and slightly softer rates will be slightly higher.

Photo: iStock Employers can give emergency loans to pay salaries

“Allowance for risk weights on mortgages reduce order – says Aleksey Krichevskiy – to the banks had an additional incentive to raise rates on loans. As it is, so, it slightly increased due to the weakening of the ruble, which, in turn, occurred because of the pandemic and the fall in energy prices after the collapse of the deal, OPEC+. For a person who takes the mortgage, by and large, it does not take any additional load. Just the Central Bank has slightly eased conditions for banks that will give loan to a borrower with a decent debt load”.

the Bank of Russia also approved other measures for the support of the citizens, the economy and the financial sector in a pandemic coronavirus.

insurance Policy: price depends on driver

From April 1, the coefficient of bonus-Malus (MSC) will be recalculated for all motorists. It is said in the Bank of Russia on insurance rates.

Photo: a2bb5s / istock Cost of insurance decreased by 1.6%

Recall that the MSC is the individual coefficient of the driver, which allows you to get a discount for accident-free driving. It is also one of the indicators affecting the price of insurance policy.

So if from April 1, 2019, the car did not get in an accident, and the driver has not applied for insurance, from 1 April 2020, he will receive a discount. If he was responsible for the accident, then it is from 1 April, MSC will rise.

Matkapital will issue automatically

From April 15 after the child’s birth certificate for maternity capital will be issued automatically as soon as the parents register the baby and they will issue a birth certificate. This is stated on the website of the Ministry of labor.

Thus, parents do not need to collect information and make a request for the grant of a certificate. All the required information, the Pension Fund will receive independently from other departments.

And parents with adopted children will have, as now, to deal with registration of the certificate on the parent capital.