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Options of vacation credit is close to the average size of existing mortgage loans. In Moscow and St. Petersburg in the limit fit 68-70% of borrowers in the whole country - 73%
The government has restricted the amount of loans to defer payments under the new law. Mortgage - 1.5 million rubles, the loan in 600 thousand. In some cases, citizens may submit an appeal for "credit holidays" - read in the material "RG"
From 8 April, the banks will start issuing loans to pay salaries for anti-crisis program. Their maximum value is determined depending on the number of employees and the minimum wage in the calculation of 6 months. The amount of support will be 130 billion rubles
Deferral of payments under the new law is not free: during the grace period continue to accrue interest, which increases the amount owed. To use this mechanism should only in extreme case
In 2019, the courts have recognized bankrupt 980 68 thousand Russian citizens, including individual entrepreneurs. In 2020, the bankrupt may become at least 140 thousand people. And with the planned simplification of the procedure of bankruptcy more
The state Duma adopted in the second reading the norm about granting vacation credit to citizens and small and medium-sized businesses. The adoption of the document associated with the request of the President of the Russian Federation on the background of the situation with coronavirus
Laws that are coming into force in April, mainly have a social orientation. This applies to cash transfers, suspense, netcapital registration and CTP. One of the documents associated with COVID-19
The experts supported the President and the government measures to support the economy during the period of epidemic prevention measures. They proposed to expand the number of companies eligible for a deferment on loans
Most likely, by the end of the year mortgage rates will rise to 10%, and the unfavorable developments on the oil market to 12%, according to analysts of the rating Agency. There is also a positive scenario - the reduction of interest rates to 8.5%
Scammers respond quickly to changes in the market. Already intensified leafonly for returning lost money, the aggravation of the problems of bad debts the possible resurgence of criminal practices of razdelinaia
The banking system will not require multibillion-dollar investments, even if the difficulties in the field of transport, services and trade will lead to a crisis, comparable with 2009. It follows from the calculations of the rating Agency NKR
The program "Family car" will spread in Russia at families with one child. The maximum price of machine, you can buy it on the terms of preferential car lending will rise to 1.5 million rubles
The sharp collapse of the ruble and a potential acceleration of inflation may force the Central Bank to begin to raise the key interest rate. This, according to experts, will increase the cost of loans and make more profitable deposits
Most likely, rates on deposits and loans will rise in the next month or two. The best recipe for Bank customers - not to succumb to emotions. If you can do without the loan, it is better not to take, in principle, analysts say
The Minister of justice Konstantin Chuichenko proposed to check the financial situation of the debtor before the commencement of enforcement proceedings. This will prevent the enforcement of court decisions, for example, in respect of debtors: retirees, he said
In Samara of energy decided to look for the Dodgers with the help of "mobile police officer". This program recognizes the number of machines and conducts checking against a database of debtors
To take things to the pawn shop - it is unprofitable. Even a new coat estimated at up to 40-60% of the purchase cost. If collateral is a car, then the payoff for him is no more than 70% of the initial price
Coming to the Bank for a loan, the borrower is faced with the need to insure life and health. "RG" has found out, is it possible to return the insurance money prepaid credit
The main reason for congestion of Russians on loans are financial constraints. It refers approximately 58% of borrowers. In the work of collection agencies is 7 million loans worth more than trillion
For 2019, the bailiffs made more than 365 thousand resolutions on temporary restriction on departure of debtors from the country. The total amount of debt of restricted to travel abroad amounted to 729 billion rubles, said the chief bailiff of Moscow Sergey Zamolotskikh
Russian banks in the beginning of the year sharply reduced the volume of credit cards issued. It is not only a consequence of seasonality, but also a direct impact measures the Bank of Russia for the cooling of unsecured consumer lending, analysts say
The Russians will be able to sell the property which is in pledge at Bank, at the best possible price. The corresponding bill submitted to the Duma

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