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In the Mexican Ministry of health has expressed outrage after the attack on nurses working with patients who have the coronavirus
The government has included all kinds of motor fuel in the recommended list of non-food commodities. Still it only means liquefied natural gas
The rules clarify terms and specify the cases that the official statistics of road accident will not be included. The draft government resolution that approves these rules posted for public comment
Gas stations present increased risk of the spread of a new coronavirus infection. "RG" learned measures taken at the gas station in the period of the pandemic and what should be done by drivers to avoid that
Laws that are coming into force in April, mainly have a social orientation. This applies to cash transfers, suspense, netcapital registration and CTP. One of the documents associated with COVID-19
Dmitry Guliyev from the Chamber of young legislators in the Federation Council proposed to declare in the framework of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus Amnesty to drivers who are deprived of rights. Details of the initiative in an interview with "RG"
The program "Family car" will spread in Russia at families with one child. The maximum price of machine, you can buy it on the terms of preferential car lending will rise to 1.5 million rubles
One of the measures of social support of the population proposed to make a reduction of prices on gasoline and other fuels at gas stations. This initiative was made by a member of the Duma Committee on energy Mikhail Sheremet
Local authorities will be able to obtain information about those motorists who have put their cars on lawns or unpaid Parking tickets. The data will provide the Ministry of interior. "RG" publishes the relevant law
Motorists can divide the degree of the probability of getting into an accident. Moreover, these violations are also invited to share at the risk of creation of an emergency. The concept is now being developed by the working group at the Russian popular front
The Moscow city Duma Chairman Alexei Shaposhnikov noted that amendments to Federal legislation to establish uniform terms for Parking
If no environmental class the car can accept with a high level of emission of harmful substances
The total workload of the capital's roads is estimated at 7 points
Amendments to the legislation will avoid the so-called "twisting"
The rating was headed by the South Korean car manufacturer
After man had more than 2 thousand violations
Michael Kisluk stressed that the main objective is not the collection of fines, and road safety
The owner of the car was in Sochi at the moment when he got the signal from the satellite on the movement of traffic
The increase in penalties for exceeding the maximum speed you need to increase the safety of all road users
A proposal has been sent to the head of the traffic police
The problem of damage of roads due to studded tires was discussed at a round table in the state Duma
Auto-lawyer Sergey Radko has commented on the proposal to introduce car signs with a new three-digit codes of the regions
Experts believe that this phenomenon is due to a new car recycling fee

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