Launch to the International space station (ISS) us Crew of a spaceship Dragon company SpaceX astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken on Board is postponed due to weather conditions for 17 minutes before the planned start. The broadcast is on Wednesday, the company SpaceX.

"the flight Director decided to postpone the launch due to weather conditions" – said the company.

Earlier the employees of the cosmodrome, in charge of the weather, said that if it were possible to postpone the start at least 10 minutes, the weather would improve. For this reason, the booster has already begun to fuel.

Booster Falcon-9 was to be launched from pad 39A at the spaceport in 16:33 time East coast USA (23:33 GMT). NASA has stopped manned flights in 2011, after the completion of the program, use the return of the ships of the Space Shuttle. Since then, the astronauts delivered to the ISS Russian "Unions". Initially it was assumed that American commercial ships will launch manned missions in 2017.