the head of the party “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov has taken the initiative to postpone the Victory parade. The politician has offered to organize the annual parade on red Square on 9 may, and 24 June. According to Sergei Mironov, may 9 should be left as a day of national memory and 24 June to make the day of military glory. Their choice, the parliamentarian explained that the Victory parade of 1945 was held on June 24, so the transfer date is historically justified. The idea of moving we evaluated together with experts.

the Epidemic of coronavirus has signed almost all countries of the world in quarantine, and caused the cancellation of thousands of international events around the world. This fate was avoided also by a military parade on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic War. The epidemiological situation in the country forced the government to postpone the parade on June 24 – anniversary of the Victory parade 1945. This single measure, according to some Russian parliamentarians, could be the basis for new traditions.

As stated by Sergei Mironov, 24 Jun should consolidate the status of the day of military glory and continue to hold the parade that day only. According to the politician, may 9, in turn, should give to the campaign “Immortal regiment” and make a day of national remembrance.

However, as noted in conversation with “MK,” political analyst Alexei Makarkin, the initiative “spravedlivorosami” hardly will find understanding in the Russian society and is, in fact, a kind of PR action.

– a Fair Russia just wants to declare itself. Intermediate ahead of regional elections in which the party is likely to participate. Need newsworthy, but this particular reason is very unfortunate. You need to understand that you can’t just pick any date and assign the occasion. In the Soviet Union the date of the main parade was on November 7. Then it was moved to may 9, but the transfer was fully justified and understandable to all. Now we have the November 4 holiday, which is celebrated, but without much happiness. There is a celebration on 12 June, which actually makes many people negative feelings. So just to designate the occasion on any day.

If you take the informative side of the issue, in normal circumstances, on 24 June, people go to leave. It is not very convenient, because people like to look at military equipment, even this year, despite the epidemic, people took to the streets of Moscow and watched. Will continue to watch. So this proposal would not somehow favorably received, – said Makarkin.

because the date of the Parade is not a good move, agreed by the Chairman of the Presidium of all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, Hero of Russia, major General Sergey Lime. In his opinion, to separate the date of the Parade and of the action “Immortal Regiment” is not necessary, because the two actions are important��mi symbols of national memory.

– the idea Itself is logical, but still it is forced, because this year the Victory Parade for obvious reasons, was postponed to June 24. For so many years has become a tradition to hold a Parade on may 9, and who knows how to shift will are people. Because the may 9 Parade symbolizes not only the military power of the country, but also the end of the most terrible and bloody war in human history. We say to the world that will not let that happen again, and we have forces and means.

And “Immortal regiment” is an integral part of the Victory Parade, when near their grandchildren in a system of symbolically stand those who gave their lives in the struggle against fascism. And hold it separately – not the best option, said Linden.

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