Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said that in the internal politics of his country Russia intervenes. In parallel, Pro-government experts in the Republic discussed the possibility of imposing a state of emergency, which must be used to cancel presidential elections and the complete defeat of the opposition. “MK” asked the Deputy head of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Zharikhin, than maybe this story will end.

Lukashenko especially stressed the influence on Belarus “babievsky structures”, that is directly pointed to the role of ex-Russian Ambassador in Minsk Mikhail Babich, who is now first Deputy Minister of economy of Russia. According to Lukashenko, he intends to discuss this issue with Vladimir Putin, but the problem is difficult, since the Minsk “nuclear power” and “someone to threaten in this regard, simply can not.”

meanwhile, the Pro-government Belarusian experts all began to discuss the possibility of introducing a state of emergency in the country. On the one hand, due to this, Lukashenka will be able to cancel the presidential elections, and on the other he is expected to crack down on the opposition. In particular, we are talking about the elimination of the unwanted media.

the Reason for the possible tightening of the authoritarian regime began in petroleum products, which are found in tap water in Minsk. Opponents of the Lukashenko regime claim that officials have long tried to ignore the problem, and the loyalists on the contrary suspect in the pollution of the enemies.

How far can Lukashenko, trying to keep the power in their hands, “MK” found at Deputy head of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Zharikhin:

– At the Victory parade in Moscow, Putin reacted coolly to the President, and in every way avoided, and so on. Clearly between them was not a gentle friendship. Lukashenka’s worried that won’t be able to sixth time to be re-elected President of the Republic. For the first time, he felt he may lose power, so occasionally performs actions that only worsen his situation.

First, he was arrested alternative presidential candidate Victor Babariko and his son, and at the same time captured “Belgazprombank” – daughter of “Gazprom”. First, it’s not like many people in Russia. Secondly, the West this technique is also not liked. It turns out that there’s nowhere to run, everywhere they are dissatisfied. But nothing else, apparently, was left. Although in the Republic there are no public opinion polls, Analytics is certainly present, and Lukashenko knows the real situation. If he’s so nervous, so his deeds are bad.

Now he accused Russia of meddling in the election… While there was talk about the state of emergency. And make them experts, who work purely with the filing of the presidential Administration of Belarus. Such threats they are tryingattempt to intimidate voters. Give them to understand that in the extreme case, just cancel the elections, but opponents will understand… you Can imagine how bad the situation Lukashenka, if he can’t even count on the falsification of the vote.

what can be the reason?

Lukashenko has always supported those voters who gravitate to Russia. They understand that the whole Belarusian economy is oriented on Russian market, so, when Lukashenko was trying to blackmail Moscow last year, has not succumbed to it, and his own voters. He clearly went too far.

– Yes, with the head of the US state Department Mike Pompeo wanted to make friends.

And people were scared. Still they voted for Lukashenka, because he was the guarantor of close cooperation with Russia. The electorate twitched, and Lukashenka also began to worry.

A replay of the rhetoric for the whole year is difficult…

– Right, and now he realizes that only exacerbates their situation as even more scares to its traditional voters.

But on paper it turns out that if Pro-Russian voters of his throws, so the trail of Russia is obvious.

– you are Absolutely right. But let’s be honest, Russia has no candidate in these elections. Moscow is unhappy with Lukashenko, but no alternative to it. Other candidates, if not Pro-Western, it is not exactly Pro-Russian. In this regard, Russia is interested in Lukashenka got scared to such an extent, that all stopped bullying Russia and began to behave more decently.

But while the situation is reversed. The more he fears, the more lifted up.

– Yes, but it is a feature of the psychology of Lukashenko. In addition, Putin dismissed him too. The President of Russia, has nerves of steel, so he has always tolerated the antics of the heads of Belarus. In the end this led to the fact that Lukashenka has formed a false sense of impunity. He had lightly flicking his forehead, but there was a mismatch of characters.