The guardians of the Islamic revolution showed fuflovy detector coronavirus

to the extent that, as a global pandemic Covid-19 was rapidly spread around the world, politicians, religious figures and other authority figures touting unscientific, and sometimes even very dangerous methods of dealing with it. In the course are a variety of ways to “counter” the coronavirus is from ingestion of cow’s urine to “high-tech” inventions.

the Record for the strangest ways of dealing with the dangerous infection were the representatives of India. More precisely, the representatives of the party “Bharatiya Janata”, which advised the residents to drink cow’s urine as a better means of Covid-19. Policy even organized a “party” where almost 200 people were able, so to speak, to yourself to experience the healing properties of this unusual method.

“We drink cow urine for the past 21 years, we also take a bath in cow dung, told Reuters one of the participants. We never felt the need in taking English medicines.”

However, the “Indian holiday”, as it turned out, did not give positive results. One of the volunteers still contracted the coronavirus, and gave the party activists of Narayan Chatterjee a complaint with the police. Would-be innovator was arrested.

Some “parties” in India are not escaped. In the field of view of the authorities of Kashmir fell poplar, which, in their opinion, “can be fatal for the health of the population.”

the fact that every April the trees shed their fluff that may irritate the respiratory tract. Officials say that since poplar fluff can cause allergies, which in most cases provokes coughing and sneezing, then increases the risk of acquiring new infection. Therefore, not long thinking, the regional government came to the conclusion that “dangerous” trees are better to cut – away from sin.

As you know, this fate overtook tens of thousands of poplars, despite the fact that medical experts have questioned such decisions and stressed that cutting down trees will only hurt the environment and the local economy.

In Venezuela, where the health system is barely coping with the flow of coronavirus patients, President Nicolas Maduro offered on Twitter to drink tea with lemongrass and elderflower as the best cure for Covid-19. His message was deleted as part of a campaign against social media misinformation related to the infection of a new type.

Another leader, convicted of dissemination of false and vague information, was the President of Madagascar Andri Rajoelina, who recently announced trials of antiviral herbal “remedies” of local origin, which, he claimed, could “change the history of the world.” However, after this statement, the leader of the state never gave any details. This treatment immediately reacted, the world health organization (who) and urged not to disseminate information about the unstudied treatment alternatives.

And in Iran for a challenge that left the country dangerous, invisible enemy, said more high-tech way. The representatives of the Islamic revolutionary Guards have announced the invention of a new device that can detect the coronavirus at a distance of 100 meters, using a magnetic field and “bipolar virus”.

the Commander of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) Hossein Salami said that the indicator of effectiveness of “an amazing scientific phenomenon” that will be used for mass screening is 80%. And added that the device could be a “very good basis for identifying any kind of virus.”

According to the General, equipped with an antenna device generates a magnetic field in a radius of 100 meters and points in the direction of the identified objects.

it is claimed that the device, which will allow conducting mass screening for infections without the need of a blood test developed by scientists serving in paramilitary formation of the Basij.

“This is an amazing scientific technique that has been tested in different hospitals,” said the major General Salami, introducing the new.

However, according to critics in social media who rated the videos with the presentation “unique inventions”, this supposed “new technology” suspiciously much like the fake bomb detectors, ten years ago, sold to Iraq and Afghanistan convicted in 2013 a British businessman fraudster James McCormick.

To honor the Iranian Ministry of health Ministry reacted to the news about the device a message that it has not licensed reguliruyuschego bodies. In the Western media, this statement is regarded as evidence of disagreement about ways of dealing with the coronavirus.