The Federation Council approved moving the date of the end of the Second world war

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on science, education and culture Minister Grigory Karasin in introducing the document, said that the law was adopted with the aim “to raise the level of victory in the far East to make a day of the end of world war II on 3 September 1945, the Day of military glory”. He also stressed that such a request to the legislators repeatedly appealed the veterans of the great Patriotic war, participated in the defeat of Japan.

Karasin recalled that in 1945, on 3 September were approved as the date for the end of the Second world war, the decision of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. “It seems to me absolutely clear the desire of the military and all sensible people in our country to remember the history of their country, to honor and to celebrate this date,” he said.

Earlier in the Federation Council received a request from the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights. There questioned the need to transfer the celebration of the end of the Second world war on 3 September, the day of memory of victims of the terrorist attack in Beslan. The same doubt was expressed at the plenary session of the Federation Council Senator from North Ossetia Arsen fadzayev.

“It is not a spontaneous question, the topic is discussed for a long time. It was the work of the specialists of the Ministry of defense, Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Military history society”, – said the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. – These are historical facts, they will not put and not hide”.

Responding to a remark Fadeeva, the head of the upper house of Parliament stated that no one has forgotten the victims of Beslan. “Still stifled tears so often these days,” she said.

Matviyenko is confident that the postponement of the day of the end of the Second world war on 3 September does not conflict with the day of memory of victims of Beslan. “September 3 is the Day of military glory, the day of memory of the soldiers and officers of the red Army who gave their lives to the Second world war ended. It is not a day of festivals, a day of remembrance and mourning for those who died, and a day of pride for the victory of our red Army”, – said the speaker.

“And do not ernichat, and do not distort. The law was carefully crafted, and we can’t ignore the complaints of the veteran organizations of the regions of the Far East, which was addressed to the Federal Assembly. No speculation here, in my opinion, absolutely inappropriate,” she concluded.

with the approval of the law on postponement of the day of the end of the Second world war 129 senators, against – two, one abstained.