The government has prepared the third package anticholinesterases help the economy

Incomes against the background of the coronavirus has already begun to decline, but financial support from the state the majority of Russians count still is not necessary. Meanwhile, Mikhail Mishustin on Monday said that the third anti-crisis package of measures will be aimed at restoring the normal rhythm of work of the economy. The Prime Minister also said that people need direct financial assistance, not loud statements.

statistics reported that the income of Russians began to fall in the relatively quiet first quarter. In January-March compared to the same period last year dipped 0.2 percent, resuming a negative trend observed in 2014-2017 gg (then incomes fell by 8.4%). But the reduction peak is still ahead. According to the calculations of the VEB in the second quarter of Russians become poor by 17.5%. And by the end of the year by 6.5%, which will be a unpleasant record.

according to many experts, accurate predictions are not possible, as not yet announced the government’s plans for further support.

Mikhail Mishustin said Monday that “people don’t want loud statements, and direct financial assistance.” But while its share in already adopted two anti-crisis packages, small.

the Government decided to raise the unemployment to the minimum wage and support families with children. For 5 thousand rubles in April-June will be given to those who have the right to the matkapital: payment is laid for each child under the age of three years. And to 3 thousand roubles, and parents of minors who have lost their job. Also expanded the circle of recipients of benefits for poor families with children from 3 to 7 years. Candidates now do not have to submit income certificate for the previous year.

Citizens who do not fall in these categories on the state can count only in two cases – if they decide to buy a home in a new building with a mortgage or owning a domestic car. The first budget presubsidy bet that it was not above 6.5%. Second, pay discount of 10% for the down payment on one of the two loan programs. However, it is obvious that the help in any case receive not poor people: a new car, and moreover apartment in the current situation – it’s definitely a luxury.

Not better things and with the direct support of the business. Such measures clearly can be attributed except grants to small and medium businesses on payment of wages and current desired in the amount of one minimum wage for each employee. All the rest is vacation credit, tax deferral and guarantees for the affected industries. Companies already faced with the shortage of resources, the authorities propose to incur new debt and to take free loans to pay salaries. However, in this case, the rate will be zero, only the first 6 monthsazev, and in the next six months will be 4%.

the Opposition and economists have repeatedly offered to the authorities to act more boldly and actively spend funds that were saved for that “rainy day”. Alexei Navalny calls to give all citizens for 20 thousand rubles. And the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin to think about food benefits. According to him, in a situation of rising unemployment, which in worst case could grow by 10%, and reduce income of the Fund can be spent on half or even slightly more.

However, the Kremlin and the White house has already given to understand that to burn the reserves are not going to. The third package of anti-crisis measures will be aimed at “the restoration of normal rhythm of the economy”: apparently, it will be point solutions for individual sectors.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that it is necessary to be extremely prudent in the use of the reserves. “That’s why you can’t indulge in some populist sentiment that “let’s all give a momentary, fill a money economy and so forth,” he said.