The Ukrainian army struck a new disease and coronavirus at anything

In Ukraine now believe that the most infected with coronavirus are men’s monasteries of the UOC. At the same time patriots miss the real cases of mass disease supposedly defeated long ago in the country, “social disease” – tuberculosis. Tubercular is now unacceptably long. And not just anywhere, but on the fact that neither is “the forefront of the struggle” – in the Ukrainian army.

on the eve of the last weekend of the Patriotic public, absolutely not ashamed, openly rejoiced in the infected COVID-19 priests, teachers and students of the Kiev theological Academy. Against this background, almost unnoticed passed a much more serious scandal. It turned out, the Ukrainian military-contractors willing to go to the Donbass, is not a joke “cleared” TB. And in an open form.

According to the famous volunteer Roman Donica, the military in an effort to “close holes” in the recruitment of people for contract service in the ranks of the APU for some time now become “close their eyes” to “obviously sick.” When the previous Chief of Armed forces General Viktor Muzhenko also first recorded attempts of chechetochnika “slip” a strict medical examination and to get “in front”. Interest this category of chronically ill was to identify the disease directly in the line of duty. According to Ukrainian law, acquired in the period of defending the homeland a serious illness guaranteed contract not only immediate dismissal from the service, but rather large payments. This “shop” and “closed”. “Schemers” is cut off at the stage of passing of the Commission in the district military enlistment office.

“When Ruslana the Hamakom (the Commander-in-chief of the APU, appointed Vladimir Zelensky, under the patronage of billionaire Igor Kolomoisky – ed.) “subject” was revived, and in a most hideous form,” – says Roman Donik. People with throat tuberculosis easily take on contract service, where they infect others. In one of the brigades sent to the Donbass, in the autumn of last year revealed half a dozen TB patients. Medical service is not able to cope with this hearth, its employees in April 2020 continue to fix the appearance of new and new patients.

In 2019 occurred another case: in one of the VAPI (temporary firing positions – ed.) revealed fighter with an open form of tuberculosis had to spend money on “prevention” of all his colleagues. PE seems to be hushed up; it has surfaced only recently.

Natalia Voronkova from the volunteer hundred “dobrovolia” confirmed the information Mr. Donica. In your Facebook account activist told about an unusual bet, proposed to her the day before yesterday the commander of Medical forces of Ukraine Igor Khomenko. Major General of medical service allegedly said, “Come this way, if it turns out that I pRav and the team N the number of confirmed TB patients not four, and one, some your leg in the hospital no more.”

the Volunteer did not specify what was the answer to the “chief” of the armed forces. It just stunned the ambition of the General, decided to put on the scales the diagnosis of severe disease fighters and volunteer activities at the hospital.

According to Ms. Voronkova, in addition to tuberculosis, no less carefully “erased” in the Ukrainian army reporting the problem of hepatitis and HIV.