In the first quarter of 2020 citizens filed almost 23 thousand applications for transfer of pension savings from one insurer to another, the vast majority have to return money to the pension Fund. This year large outflows may continue in non-state pension funds (NPF), which showed low yield when investing, as well as those who have a client base formed as a result of aggressive agent sales of previous years.In the first three months 2020, in fact, before the introduction of quarantine measures, citizens were filed 22.9 thousand statements for transfer of pension savings from one pension Fund to another, according to the FIU. Over the same period last year, applications were almost a third less (see “Kommersant” on 19 April 2019). Another 170 people during the reporting period, decided to change the management company, saving the insurer PFR and 220 of the insured persons already have time to apply for waiver of a switch to another insurer.From 2015 the citizens have the right to submit two types of declarations: emergency and early. When choosing a Express type of pension accumulation of the insured person are transferred to the chosen Fund after five years without a loss of investment income. If a person chooses early transition, pension savings are transferred to another Fund in the first quarter of next year, however, a citizen may lose accumulated over time investment income. From last year to submit applications to the pension Fund either by a personal visit (or through a representative, acting on the basis of notarized power of attorney) or through the Unified portal of public services (SPPS) using enhanced qualified electronic signature (of the CEP).The lion’s share of applications (80%) filed for pension savings transfer from NPF to the PFR, almost 14% of the citizens decided to change one NPF to another, and even a little more than 6% wanted to retire from FIU in the NPF. And for early change Fund was submitted 19,7 thousand applications (over 85%), the rest of the citizens chose the Express order of transfer of pension savings. In the first three months, the majority of citizens (19,8 thousand persons) apply in person (including a choice of UK and the refusal of transfer of pension savings). Few took advantage of the function of an application through SPPS.Last year’s transitional campaign was the weakest in the entire history of the Russian pension system (see “Kommersant” on 5 December 2019), largely due to not very active Agency sales private funds. The significant factor of the campaign relative to the scale of began client outflows from NPF to the pension Fund (see “Kommersant” on March 16). With respect to the customer base leaders outflows to the pension Fund NPF steel, which showed weak results for 2018 (“Social development”, “Education”, “Large”, “Magnet”, “Open”, “Future” and “Safmar”), as well as foNDI actively forming customer base via pension brokers (“Agreement”, “Evolution”, given attached to the end of 2018 “OPS Agreement”).The main outflow from NPF to the PFR is on the people who are not satisfied with your insurer, experts say. According to the Director of consulting company “Pension partner” Sergey Okolesnova, returning to the FIU people are either dissatisfied with the low returns of their NPF, or they affected the overall image background around a private Fund. “Return the money to the pension Fund may be due to the delayed effect of previous transition campaigns, in which citizens become clients NPF are not always consciously,” he notes. However, the total amount of applications for the transfer of funds to the pension Fund is unlikely to exceed last year’s — on the activity of citizens constraining the impact of quarantine measures. According to the master Okolesnova, the number of statements in favor of the RPF, including the urgent statements of 2016, may be up to 100 thousand (at the end of 2019 — about 105 thousand).Ilya Usemaps — mandatory pension insurance.According to the NPF, RPF, the evaluation “b”.