The Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) asked the government to support the payment industry in a period of crisis. The most relevant proposals related to the distribution of tax benefits on payment of insurance contributions of independent processors. They have the wage Fund (PAYROLL) — the main item of expenditure, and the benefits will not only help them retain employees, but will also give potential reduction in the cost of accepting cash payments to merchants by 15%.“B” made acquainted with the letter sent RSPP acting Chairman of the government Andrey Belousov: “In connection with the implementation of restrictive measures related to the spread of COVID-19, organizations providing payment services faced significant decline in demand… it seems appropriate to implement a number of measures to support the sustainability and capacity of the payments industry”.Among the proposals of the RSPP, according to market participants, one of the most important to consider the possibility of organizations providing information and technological interaction between participants of calculations (ITV, acquiring services and processing), the right to reduced rates of insurance premiums, similar to the it companies at 14%.Processing — processing of information to commit payment transactions. Processing is divided into a Bank associated with the service transactions by cards of international and local payment systems (issuing and/or acquiring cards), and non — receipt of regular payments (utilities, etc.), remittances etc., the Largest independent processing company “Cardstandard” (customers Sovcombank, Expobank in Russia, Transcapitalbank, Nordea, etc.), “Multicarta” (owned by the VTB group, its key customers — VTB, the postal Bank, but there are third-party clients), UCS (ROSBANK, etc.).The fundamental difference between the it companies and ITV — in the way of sales: first, sell the service to outsource, the second is a product for self use. “Developers of processors and the processors at a disadvantage: the former have privileges and the other not,— says Director of “Cardstandard” Maya Glotova.— The processors carry out the same activities — develop, through which the banks provide services.” Outsourcing processing of a global trend, and the current tax regulation makes it slow down, she said. “We believe tax relief in favor of the ITV companies fair,— specify in a press-service of VTB.— This will allow ITV to compete more effectively”.According to the Executive Director of the National payment Association Maria Mikhailova, the ITV companies, the cost of the PAYROLL PRivysaur 50% of all costs. “The incentive rate would provide strong support for independent processing companies and would remain competitive in terms of cost constraints of acquiring by the Central Bank for a number of operations at 1%,” she said. According to the authors of the letter, the proposed measure will not only preserve jobs, but also reduce by 10-15% the rates of those companies. “If you are entering benefits, we can reduce the rates for banks in the merchant acquiring service, which ultimately will lead to lower maintenance costs for merchants by 0.2–0.3% of turnover, that is, by 15-20%,”— said Maya Glotova. Quickly obtain the comments of the government of the “y” failed. The Central Bank declined to comment.Ksenia Dementieva