In St. Petersburg, is checked against the 31-year-old soldier special forces unit of the “Grad” of the regional Department of the FSB, who was accused of pedophilia spouse. This was reported by “Fontanka”.

According to the newspaper, the police with a statement addressed the lady and said that her husband had committed a depraved and violent actions against her daughter from her first marriage 10 years.

the Police examined the apartment on the street of the Resistance and seized a laptop, bedding and underwear, as well as shotgun. It was registered to the current members of the special forces “Grad” UFSB Petersburg and Leningrad region.

the Victim told that the stepfather had molested her since the summer of 2019, and mother she was afraid to admit it. The survey was conducted on the record with the participation of a legal representative and psychologist. The officer denies violence against girls. He will undergo a polygraph test. The materials of the preliminary investigation directed military prosecutors, who must make a decision about excitation of criminal case in case of establishing evidence of a crime.

However, check the version that the girl could stipulate stepfather because of resentment for his actions. Medical examination revealed her injuries. In addition, it was found that commando shortly before his arrest quarreled with his wife, which she also could stipulate for revenge.

Commando before been seen in reprehensible behavior.