During the isolation series has literally experienced a rebirth. They re-discovered themselves, many people – ordinary viewers and professionals of the television and film industry. The lists of the most popular serials of the hits were transferred from hand to hand, they were published in social networks and sent in letters and personal messages. Many critics who had previously written only about the movie, turned their eyes in the direction of serial films. Eminent film producers, Directors and actors have come to believe that their creative portfolio incomplete without a good series. Those of them who were filming a series and earlier, – have accelerated the pace. Streaming services began to compete in this direction with TV channels, cinemas conduct serial marathons.

But is as content producers and consumers to the serials the invasion? Director, producer, President of the Russian festival of TV series “Pilot” Valery Todorovsky will speak on this subject with the Explorer, “RG” Susanna Alperina. The video interview will appear on the website “RG” Monday, August 17. The highlights of the conversation will be published in the paper version of our publication. Your questions you can ask in social media “RG” the latest ask our guest.