this weekend in the contest first, to see the films in the competition, including, for example, there is a bright debutants, who declared themselves at the international festival in Rotterdam. Such openings include the painting “Kala Azar” (2020) Greek artist Anise Rafa, whose works are in the collections of the Stedelijk Museum, the Central Museum of Utrecht, Museum of modern art Verlinden. She worked at the Dutch art-residency and her first film is also filmed in co-production with the Netherlands. Mysterious the film’s title, incidentally, refers to an infectious disease of dogs, frequent in southern Europe. A story about love for animals a couple that specializiruetsya for funeral services for deceased Pets, was far from the usual “minimise” stories about seals. But it fits perfectly into the trend identified in recent years, the Berlinale favourites Agnieszka Holland (“the mark of the beast”) and Ildiko Enyedi “body and soul”. Great shot, the picture Anisa Rafa “Kala Azar” is not so much about people and their smaller brothers, but about the transition between life and death that unites all life on Earth.

Another promising debut, too, of the young cinema program “Bright future” festival in Rotterdam. This film “Babai” (2020) Artem Aissagaliyeva, a Muscovite by birth and a graduate of the California Institute of the arts. In “Baba” children’s fears of the characters and the sad reality form a stiff mix.

Note that the films of the competition program is available, usually one day on the platform TVZavr for 99 rubles.

the Paintings, which are included in the program “the Films of the jury” (it’s online hall “Shui”) can be viewed throughout the festival until June 30. The issue price is still the same 99 rubles. But to wait for the last day of viewing is not worth it, film lovers can’t miss “the Turin horse” (2011) Bela Tarr and Agnes Hranitzky. This is one of the most powerful poetic statements in the movie – a kind of tragic epic. But it needs to be adjusted and highlight the time – the film lasts two and a half hours.

in addition, this weekend at 14:00, the festival arranges a brunch with the members of the jury (of course the pandemic is still with us!). Saturday 27th June meeting with the Director Lina Chaplin. Her film “Ballet under the bleachers” (2019) last year won the first prize as best documentary at the 35th international festival in Haifa. The story of how prima ballerina and choreographer opens a ballet Studio under the bleachers of the football stadium “Teddy” in Jerusalem, full of humor, drive, perseverance and love of life. A neighborhood ballerinas and football fans promises bright in Gogol’s grotesque scenes. Watch the movie here.

on Sunday, the 28th, promised to brunch with another member of the jury is the Bulgarian Director Petar by Velchevym. For the program “the Films of the jury,” he offered the film “Glory” (2016), shot him in sodrozhestva Christina Groshevoi. A few years ago the movie “Glory” was in competition of the Moscow international festival. This social drama of the new times, which tries to find a surrealist overtones, is interesting not only unexpected transformation of the genre, and attempt to recall the dignity of the “little man”. To listen Petar Valchanov very curious, especially since the new movie of Bulgarian Director tandem “Father” (2019) won the “Crystal globe” film festival in Karlovy vary.

in addition, the festival superprogram author’s animated cinema. On Saturday at 18.00 at Festival studios animation Academy of art named after Fyodor Khitruk will present film critic Larisa Malyukova and Directors Yuri Norstein, Konstantin Bronzit, Andrey Hrzhanovsky and Oksana Cherkasova. Well, actually, their names speak for themselves.

All movies are crème de la crème of Russian animation: there are “Nose”, and “Hedgehog in the fog”, and “singing Teacher”, and “there once was a dog” and “the Island”, and “History of one crime” and many others. The authors – from Alexander Alexeev to Yuri Norstein, Fyodor Khitruk from to Andrei Khrzhanovsky and the owner of “Oscar” Alexander Petrov.

masters of Selected films can be viewed here. The free screenings throughout the festival. But be prepared to withstand a portion of advertising, the endless and merciless.

Interesting guests invited to the “Festival Studio” on public-talk. At one o’clock on Saturday, the philosopher Elena Petrovskaya (Institute of philosophy) and cultural studies Oksana Gavrishina (RGGU) will talk about “how we look at the rapidly changing world”.

And on Sunday, at 18.00, the philosopher Boris Groys (US) and film critic Zara Abdullaeva discuss the question “How modern art shows the post-Soviet world?”.

In the online cafe at night, in 23. 00, in any case you look. Who doesn’t want to listen to actor, Director Danila Kozlovsky and writer-Director Timur Bekmambetov. In the role of a hospitable host – Konstantin Shavlovsky.