a draft of such a treatment was presented at a joint meeting of the committees of the Federation Council on international Affairs and on defence and security. The decision on its preparation, was adopted by the Council chamber in December last year. It was assumed that the senators will adopt the final text in a plenary meeting at the end of April, but the coronavirus has made adjustments to the work of parliamentarians. On Wednesday the specialized committees discussed the document via videoconference and unanimously voted in support of it.

“In the centre of our treatment – a reminder that the assessment of the outcome of the war formed the basis of the international military Tribunal at Nuremberg, the Charter was produced by the victorious powers – the USSR, USA, Britain and France”, – said the head of the international Committee Konstantin Kosachev.

He stressed that the findings of the Nuremberg Tribunal put all points above i. But the attempts of reconsideration of its decisions and after that – the entire history of the Second world war was “immoral, illegitimate in nature, they’re criminal to those who gave their lives for the liberation of the world from obvious evil,” the Senator said.

“Our opponents, who are sulky about it more actively, as a reminder, that thereby they betray the memory including their own compatriots in these countries, which in the war were on the right side of history, on the right side of the front line and fought against Nazism”, he added.

In the appeal to the peoples and parliaments of the world Russian senators and underlined the importance of the initiative on the recognition of the Victory over Nazism in world war II the world heritage of mankind, and of the monuments to the fighters against this evil in all countries – the world war memorial. For the first time this proposal was made by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko during a speech in the Serbian Assembly in November 2017. Since then, the idea was supported by a number of international forums and inter-parliamentary organizations, including the world Congress of compatriots of the CIS, the Asia-Pacific parliamentary forum. The Russian delegation advanced the initiative on the grounds of the UN, PACE and OSCE PA.

“We finish our appeal with an appeal to the parliaments and peoples of the world to prevent the distortion of historical truth, to oppose the glorification of former members of the Waffen SS, Nazi, fascist, Bandera and the like of nationalist movements and their current heirs and successors, to bring to justice those who perpetrate the denial of the Holocaust and of genocide against “non-Aryan peoples,” offends the memory of freedom fighters and glorify their executioners” – said Kosachev.

“Our duty is not just to honor the memory of those who died for freedom and peace on the planet, but also strive to protect today right de��about for which they fought and gave their lives. Only in this case we will have a chance for a common future free of wars, of hate and enmity” – he quoted the concluding lines of treatment.

While the document was adopted as a basis, it will be modified taking into account proposals of senators. Adoption of the final text will take place at the next plenary session of the Federation Council. According to the schedule of work of the house, it is scheduled for may 20, but as said on Monday Valentina Matvienko, the senators are ready to collect any time if circumstances require.