With North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, all right, assured the head of the working group on cooperation between the Federation Council and Parliament of North Korea Oleg Melnichenko. Thus he commented on rumors about possible health problems, the North Korean leader.

Melnichenko said that he had talked with the North Korean Ambassador, however, he has not informed the Russian side about any health problems the leader of North Korea.

“We are convinced that with Kim Jong-UN, all right,” said Melnichenko RIA Novosti.

Kim Jong-UN to April 11, does not appear in public, and on April 15, missed the main national holiday – the celebration of the birth of Kim Il sung. The long absence has fueled speculation that the head of the DPRK fell into a vegetative state after a heart surgery or even died.

the head of the South Korean Ministry of national unification, Kim Yong Chol said that the North Korean leader is alive and is engaged in public Affairs as usual.

However, the TV of the DPRK for several weeks, not showing new staff with Kim Jong-UN. In turn, fled to the United States former representative of the ruling party, Lee Jung Ho suggested that the dictator might get injured in the tests of short-range missiles.

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