the World continues to watch North Korea, whose leader Kim Jong-UN disappeared from view. According to the announced quite official in South Korea version, the cause of the “disappearance from the radar” leader of the DPRK can be associated with a pandemic coronavirus.

As said on Tuesday South Korean Minister of unification, Kim Jong-UN may have missed a national holiday April 15 (the birthday of Kim Il sung) not because of their illness, and because of concerns about the coronavirus.

Speaking at the parliamentary hearings, the Minister of unification Kim Yong-Chol, who oversees the North’s direction, said: “It is true that he never misses the anniversary of the birth of Kim Il sung since his coming to power, but many commemorative events, including the celebration and Banquet, was canceled due to problems with the coronavirus”.

Indeed, the absence of the leader of North Korea in public ceremonies on the birthday of his grandfather and the founder of the Republic Kim Il-sung was unprecedented, and since then nobody has seen him in public. This has led to the emergence of a shaft of speculation about his health, rumors and versions.

officials in South Korea continued to emphasize that it has found no unusual activity in North Korea, and warned against reports that Kim might be ill.

Since mid-January were at least two cases, when Kim Jong-UN has not been seen for almost 20 days, reminiscent of the South Korean Minister: “I don’t think it’s particularly unusual given the current situation”.

If the version with the impact of the pandemic on the seclusion of the North Korean leader has a Foundation, it casts doubt on the assertion that the DPRK was able to avoid the outbreak of coronavirus. In any case, this explanation is not so new. Experts have suggested that Kim Jong-UN can wait out the epidemic in the resort city of Wonsan on the East coast. That’s where satellite imagery recorded on the special train of North Korean leader.

Expressed (though very, very vaguely) about severomortsah leader and the American President trump. According to him, he is aware of the state of health of Kim Jong-UN and “hopes that he’s right.”

When in the course of briefing the White house was asked about the health of Kim, trump replied: “I can tell you for sure. Yes, I have a very good idea, but I can’t talk about it right now. I just wish him well.”

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, for his part, said that he was aware of reports of Kim’s health problems, and he is closely monitoring developments.

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