The Federation Council has proposed to require cyclists to use reflectors

the Senator sent the relevant proposals to the draft government resolution “On introducing amendments into the traffic Rules of the Russian Federation”.

Kutepov recalled that the item on the use of reflectors cyclists and scooter owners there are in the SDA, but it is a recommendation. According to the MP, this rule should be made mandatory to reduce accident rate on the roads.

the argument in favor of his proposal he cited statistics of the traffic police for 4 months of 2019. From this it follows that the number of accidents involving cyclists is increasing. In 2019 it has increased by 39.4% compared to the same period of 2018. While 79% were more accidents with child cyclists.

all in All, 2019, the cyclists were in 5369 accidents, which have killed 366 people and injured 5036.

To improve the safety of cyclists and moped drivers, prevent injury and damage in an accident, you must also enter the charge for them in conditions of reduced visibility, helmets, said Andrei Kutepov.