Lukashenko hopes for the worlds support for the modernization of health

Speaking about the state of the national health service in the crisis period of the pandemic, the President confirmed that the European and international institutions, including the IMF, the world Bank and the EBRD will provide Belarus with financial assistance, which will focus on its modernization. “I want us, seizing the moment, saw the weak place,” he said, instructing the government to modernize the medical system.

First of all, Lukashenko instructed to pay special attention to infectious clinic. He believes that the country was better prepared to fight against the coronavirus is due to the preservation of these structures. “Keep them, put in order – even for the region is evident: today, this saves us,” – says Lukashenko.

once again the head of the Republic of Belarus focused attention on medical statistics, noting that from coronavirus infections, and similar dies are much less people than cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. Confirmed Lukashenko and its traditional thesis that from COVID-19 “in Belarus no one died”, adding this time that even in the Mogilev region, no one died. “All die from chronic disease and any virus has weak who have no immunity. That’s what I meant,” explained his view on the pandemic, the head of state. In this regard, he asked in any case do not forget about the treatment of patients with other diseases and continue the routine medical examinations of citizens.

As already informed the day before “UNION” in the Republic of Belarus, by Monday it conducted more than 102.5 thousand tests, 6 264 was infected with the coronavirus. In serious condition are 92 patients. Killed 51 people: they all were found a numerous chronic diseases, complicated COVID-2019. Most infected persons identified in Minsk – 3 023. Then there are Vitebsk (1 504) and Minsk (789) region. In the Mogilev region was recorded on the eve of 265 people.