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In the international discussion club "Valdai" discussed the role and the place that took the events of 1939-1945 in the political, social and cultural life of Russia and many countries from Europe to Asia
Dairy king Alexander Chichkin - first-Guild merchant and the entrepreneur was fond of saying: "the Poets of poets, but a barrel of oil, and cheese, and a bottle of delicious milk can equally praise their homeland, to serve the common good and the flourishing of his native land..."
The state Duma adopted the law on amendments to the list of days of military glory and memorable dates. Instead, on 2 September 1945 after the Second world war is declared on 3 September. This very day the USSR celebrated as a victory Day over Japan
Exactly 50 years ago in the mission control center United States received a report from astronaut John Swagart: "Houston, we have a problem". Thus began the mission to rescue the disaster of the ship "Apollo-13"
April 13 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Austria from Nazi invaders. Strategic offensive operation the red Army conducted from 16 March to 15 April 1945, troops of the 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian fronts
Marks a half-century feat of crew of the Soviet nuclear submarine K-8 sank April 12 in the waters of the Bay of Biscay. At the moment, immortalized the names of the 37 sailors of the 52 victims, the search for relatives of other characters continue
TFR opened a criminal case on the genocide in the Rostov region in the years of the great Patriotic war. The only living hangman - 96-year-old Helmut the Oberland, of which Canada is still not deported
Medal "For the capture of königsberg" was established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of June 9, 1945. Just this award was granted 760 thousand participants in the war
Vladimir Putin, speaking about the fight against coronavirus, recalled how Russia fought the Pechenegs and Polovtsy. "Homeland" reminds you of important milestones
"Full of pride for their grandparents of the students face, ready, if necessary, to repeat their exploits - and there's a real genuine, indelible in time and memory autograph of the great Victory!" Specialist in Russian Philology from Yerevan told about how was the lesson devoted to the heroic events of the past
Even in the face of a pandemic coronavirus at the site in the Tver region do not stop work on the construction of the memorial to Soviet soldiers. What is happening at the construction site - "Union" said the sculptor Andrey Korobtsov
100 years ago yesterday, the peasants and the aristocrats learned to coexist peacefully, to cook in the shared kitchen, showering in a shared bath and a shared restroom. About the history of communal apartments, which became the sorrow, and happiness, and the fate of millions of Soviet people, see the section "Legends of the Motherland"
On the Youtube channel of the Museum of Victory on Poklonnaya hill in Moscow released a new online tour - thanks to it Internet users will be able to learn unique details about the crossing of the Dnieper
Joseph Stalin on 7 April 1945, wrote a letter to the President of the United States to protest against secret negotiations of the allies with the Nazis about a separate peace and stop their plans. Read more about it read in a material Nikolay Dolgopolov
Before "defeated the chieftains dispersed to the Governor and the Pacific their campaign ended", there existed a kind of mysterious far Eastern Republic. About it tells the journalist Vladimir Mamontov
Assistant to President Vladimir Medinsky called blasphemy the demolition of the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague. He recalled that during the liberation of the Czech capital killed 12 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers, and the monument was erected on the money of citizens
The Ministry of defence has published another batch of declassified documents from the holdings of the Central archive of the defense Ministry. They relate to the liberation of Bratislava from Nazi occupiers
March 16, 1944 Sergeant Oleg Sobolev cheated death. In 1946, the soldier-Leningrad returned home and saw the death notice, which came from his mother. Today Oleg Dmitrievich birthday. Let's congratulate him together and hear his poetry
Russian arts and crafts, which in the old days our ancestors were engaged at home, would be useful to us to have something to do during the quarantine
32 735 parishioners, about which there is information in the registers of St. Isaac's Cathedral, only 188 were members of the titled nobility. What are the secrets in the personal lives of the Royal family hold the registers of the Cathedral - says the Museum of the Cathedral
The first of April 1945, part of the 2nd Ukrainian front reached the North-Eastern outskirts of Bratislava. And already on April 4 the Soviet troops stormed the capital of Slovakia. Read more about this in the article "WG"
"When the war started, I was five. He went missing in 1942". About what life was boy during the war - said biathlete, double Olympic champion Viktor Mamatov
In the last days of March 1945, troops of the 3rd Ukrainian front came to the Hungarian-Austrian border, and then entered the territory of Austria. We entered into a special country - the homeland of the führer
Before the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the mayoralty of Ekaterinburg have opened access to the documents, as they lived in the rear during the war. After 75 years, such paper shall be destroyed
One of the terrible consequences of war and infectious disease. After the great Patriotic war the sanitary-epidemiological units of the Soviet Union traveled to the areas of the epidemics in Poland and in China. This assistance to tell children very young then Ada Kulchitskaya
"Letters of Victory" - the site where are published in the open access letters of the war years. It was created to 75-th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war, TV channel "Moscow 24" with the support of the holding "Moscow Media".
Even if the action "Immortal regiment" this year will not pass on the streets, it will still be held in digital format. A memorable date will appear on the TV channel "Victory Day", which will run for two months. He will be the embodiment of the international movement
The project "Russia - My story" begins publishing in open access with unique materials from their famous multimedia exhibitions. This decision was a response to the huge number of complaints from teachers, students and pupils
"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published an essay Elena Pavlova from the newspaper "Amurskaya Pravda" - the information partner "RG". This is the story of 90-year-old Yakov Yakovlevich Davydenko awarded with seven orders and medals. The last four years, he huddles in winter the kitchen in anticipation of the renovation of the house
Ceremony of transfer to the State archive of the Russian Federation of the history of the family of Admiral Alexander Kolchak. Valuable documents were acquired by private Russian collectors and patrons at the end of 2019 at auction in Paris
In the UK, have published the tutorial on the foreign policy of Russia in the XX century. It is now the current two volumes on international relations, "RG" said the scientific Director of the Institute of General history, RAS, academician Alexander Chubaryan
180 years ago in Vilnius province was born Frantisek Bogushevich, one of the founders of modern Belarusian literature. But the value of this multifaceted figure far exceeds the comfortable limits of artistic creation, which everyone now can get an idea by visiting the house-Museum of the writer in Caslano Grodno region
March 18, 2020 - the 6th anniversary of the return of Crimea and Sevastopol to home port. In his article Vladimir Medinsky explains why Crimea historically Russian native land
In February, died the great scientist Valentin Lavrentievich Yanin. Great scientists in the space surrounding us is Dating, but a wonderful historian and archaeologist, a longtime friend and author of "the Motherland" in this brilliant cohort, stands out visibly and naosobitsu
The interior Ministry will hold the all-Russian online action "I remember. I'm proud of. I Serve Russia!". Departmental web resources are published unique archival data, which will tell the younger generation about the contribution of law enforcement agencies in the Victory
In recent years, the phrase "political mistake" came out of wide use. But in Imperial and Soviet Russia, an accusation of this kind was particularly grave sin. This is similar to and for the first time published a curious document from the collections of GA RF
All-Russian action by personal search for survivors of victims of mass repressions "Preserve the memory together" launch the Museum of Gulag history and Fond Memory. The action itself is from 2013, but it features a roll-call of the search she found only in 2020
The Ministry of defence continue to collect photos and data about participants of the great Patriotic war. They will be placed in the gallery "Road memory". It along with the main temple of the Russian Armed forces is now completed in the Moscow Park "Patriot"
In the January issue of "homeland," spoke about the irreconcilable struggle which the Czechs led with the chief jailer Russia Galkin-Braskem. In this room the theme continues in Sakhalin publication about Sonya Golden hand, which the writer met in prison
March 15 marks the 90th birthday of Zhores Alferov. On request "RG" his colleagues shared memories about the outstanding scientist. "His resourcefulness organically combined with leadership qualities," - said academician Yuri Gulyaev
Five days before the start of the war head of the foreign intelligence of the USSR Pavel Fotin reported to Stalin about the impending invasion of Germany. Then it was hard work during world war II. However, immediately after the war of Phytin dismissed. Why - read in the material "RG"
It was called the face of the era, a symbol of the seas, harsh skipper, at least - a lovely lady. She knew how to dress up dress with frills, hat, white blouse. But he liked to wear naval uniform - black tunic with captain's braids and straps awards. Captain, Hero of socialist labor, order bearer, model head...
"About the upcoming women's day pasted posters on the walls. One of them in large letters, not without humor printed: "Proletarka, to put forward their asset!" and then some more words, but the fine print". March 8 in the journal of the XX century
March 7, 1960, American helicopter pilots noticed in the open sea semiflooded barge on which people lay. The rescued people were brought aboard the carrier. They said that they do not need anything but fuel and food, and that they will get home. Soviet sailors had been at sea for 49 days without food and water
Tajiks during the war fought in the two divisions. Just direct part in battles against the Nazis took part 290 thousand people, writes in his essay the Russian language from Tajikistan Bibhisana Mirzomustaqimov
In January 1945, the strikes of the 4th SS Panzer corps put 3-th Ukrainian front on the brink of disaster. Like back 1941 - crushed by tanks artillery regiment, trapped in the ring division. And in March of 1945, Hitler tried one last time to turn the tide lost them the war
For the Germans a vital culture of memory of the events of the Second world war, said the head of the National Union of Germany on care of military cemeteries Wolfgang Shneiderman. According to him, the need to clearly separate this concept from current policy
May 9, 1960 at the Piskarevskoye cemetery was opened a memorial complex. In the center - a six-meter monument to Motherland, which became a symbol lived through the Leningrad tragedy. Sculptor Vera Isaeva did not live to see its opening just a few days
The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation collect photos and data about participants of the great Patriotic war. They otzhimayut and place in the gallery "Road memory". Already collected the 7 million images
In the Tver region was held the ceremony of taking soil from places of burial of Soviet soldiers who died in the battles for Rzhev salient. The participants are convinced that Rzhevskaya earth will find their rightful place in memorial Church in honor of All Saints

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