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In the international discussion club "Valdai" discussed the role and the place that took the events of 1939-1945 in the political, social and cultural life of Russia and many countries from Europe to Asia
The state Duma adopted the law on amendments to the list of days of military glory and memorable dates. Instead, on 2 September 1945 after the Second world war is declared on 3 September. This very day the USSR celebrated as a victory Day over Japan
Moscow considers unacceptable the dismantling of the monument to Marshal Konev in Prague. This was stated press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. He noted that the Kremlin would prefer to see the monument restored or in the Czech Republic, or Russia
Assistant to President Vladimir Medinsky called blasphemy the demolition of the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague. He recalled that during the liberation of the Czech capital killed 12 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers, and the monument was erected on the money of citizens
In Prague by the municipal authorities on the morning of 3 April, demolished the monument to Marshal Konev. Footage of workers who with the help of a crane removed a bronze statue of a Soviet commander with pedestal, was in a social network
"When the war started, I was five. He went missing in 1942". About what life was boy during the war - said biathlete, double Olympic champion Viktor Mamatov
The Museum of political history of Russia opened the exhibition "anti-fascist satirical graphics of the Second world war." A special section is a series of works by Danish artist Herluf Bidstrup. His series of cartoons "Speaker" depicts the performance of the demoniac Hitler
Tajiks during the war fought in the two divisions. Just direct part in battles against the Nazis took part 290 thousand people, writes in his essay the Russian language from Tajikistan Bibhisana Mirzomustaqimov
In January 1945, the strikes of the 4th SS Panzer corps put 3-th Ukrainian front on the brink of disaster. Like back 1941 - crushed by tanks artillery regiment, trapped in the ring division. And in March of 1945, Hitler tried one last time to turn the tide lost them the war
The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation collect photos and data about participants of the great Patriotic war. They otzhimayut and place in the gallery "Road memory". Already collected the 7 million images
Any denigration of the heroism of the people in the defense of the Fatherland is unconstitutional. Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed amendment to the Constitution. This was announced by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin
On 8 March 1942 around 22.30 commander of the 16th army of the Western front Konstantin Rokossovsky went to the headquarters to sign the documents. Bent over sitting at the table chief of staff Mikhail Malinin. At this point right outside the window the shell exploded, the shrapnel flew into the room and hit the back Rokossovsky
Since the beginning of the war letters sent to the front to the number of field mail, the military unit number and surname, name, patronymic of the addressee. September 5, 1942, open the name of a part has been replaced by a conditional number of APO
During the war, was delivered 10.7 billion letters, 22.9 million parcels 63.9 billion copies of printed materials. Forwarding of correspondence was provided free of charge
In Voronezh, the building of the post office installed the world's only monument to the front the postman. Bronze soldier with a rifle over his shoulder walks to their destinations. With his left hand he is holding puffy bag, on the right is a cherished triangles, fabulous joy for the people in the war
Karpunina, the artist angelina was kolonizirali photos of the siege of Leningrad in memory of their loved ones and to help current students feel the atmosphere of those years. Even with very delicate and muted complement the color turned out impressively
After the victory over the Third Reich of the German territories given to Poland. Correspondent "RG" visited these lands and learned how local residents live there and what they think about the exchange of the Eastern territories in the West
Aaron Schneier, historian and author of books about the Second world war. His work "the Profession of death. Training camp of the SS "herbalists" was presented last year at the red square. Schneier told RG about his attitude to this tragedy and the brutality index

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