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In the international discussion club "Valdai" discussed the role and the place that took the events of 1939-1945 in the political, social and cultural life of Russia and many countries from Europe to Asia
The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution Germany is sure that China carries out active measures to "rehabilitate" themselves in relation to the situation of coronavirus, reports the newspaper Welt am Sonntag
Global GDP due to the pandemic will not receive for two years of more than $5 trillion, which is comparable with the annual volume of industrial production of Japan, writes Bloomberg with reference to the assessment of the banks on wall street. However, as the epidemic of the coronavirus will not guarantee that the world will get off this damage, but not 2-3 times more. As for Russia, then, according to the respondents "MK" experts to judge its economic prospects and losses is even more thankless.
In the online-lecture "Catastrophe and the modern man. Who are we?" the Director and the author of the project of DAU Ilya Hrzhanovsky spoke about his film and working on a new project "Babi Yar", showing a philosophical and oratorical gifts.
More than 100 thousand people died from the effects of coronavirus infection around the world reported by the Johns Hopkins University, the leading estimates
In Germany, France, Spain and Italy there is a positive dynamics in the fight against the coronavirus that inspires cautious optimism. The reverse pattern is observed in Africa, where for the poorest countries
The German authorities think about the weakening of quarantine measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. How long can withdrawal in Germany and what life will be after graduation, "RG" said the German political scientist Alexander Rahr
Pandemic coronavirus has not left indifferent any country of the world. "RG" learned how to live it and how to deal with it France, Italy, Greece, UK, Germany and Israel
In Germany, the police had to intensify its action against the violators of the regime of self-isolation. In the last days of violations were recorded more than usual
More and more countries introduced large-scale restrictions on movement of citizens trying to stop the spread of coronavirus. What documents are needed in different States to exit to the street, read in the material "RG"
Almost simultaneously with the appearance of erroneous rumors that till Lindemann contracted the coronavirus, it is the band Rammstein has released a Remix album, filled with legendary groups
Lufthansa sent 31 thousand employees in forced leave in connection with the cancellation of flights due to the coronavirus. 750 700 aircraft remain on the ground. The company's management is counting on state aid
White house attempts to use sanctions to achieve their interests for the sake of economic benefits are irresponsible, said the head of the Committee of the German Bundestag for economy and energy Klaus Ernst
Pandemic coronavirus have clearly demonstrated that they are the leaders of the European countries, writes Politico. Someone humor and playing to the audience, and someone who rescues his subjects
The package of incentives announced by the Russian government, is an important contribution to supporting the economy in Russia. This opinion in the Eastern Committee of German economy
Pandemic coronavirus is gaining momentum, and the number of patients exceeded 300 thousand people. In this difficult moment revealed the true nature of the individual countries. Someone demonstrates an unhealthy ego, and someone extends a helping hand
The Volkswagen group will be sent to a forced vacation 80 thousand workers. Reason - violation of the supply chain for the delivery of spare parts and the decline in sales due to coronavirus
Europe led the way in building liberal democracy, but when the crisis reached the public health, laid bare all the weaknesses, says political analyst Alexander Rahr. About why each of the 27 EU countries remained epidemic, one on one, he told "RG"
German Chancellor Angela Merkel sent to the quarantine will be regularly doing tests on COVID-19 and work from home. She mentioned that she actively liaises by telephone and Skype
"So we will save life," on a special press conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced an unprecedented austerity package to limit public life, which Monday introduced almost all over the country.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to home quarantine. This decision was made after it became clear that the politician had contact with a doctor infected with the coronavirus
The issue of resettlement of refugees in EU countries resolved itself. The European Commission and national governments of the individual States has suspended a humanitarian program for an indefinite period due to the complex epidemiological situation
The journalist of TV channel Calabria Lino Polimeni has published a short movie that demonstrate that the US and Europe do not care about the problems of Italy. They actually left the country struggling desperately with coronavirus pandemic in the lurch
Over the next 30 days the borders of the EU can not cross neither a citizen of a third country. The unprecedented decision was taken at the summit in which the leaders in order to protect from COVID-19 participated in the videoconference
The German foreign Ministry is preparing the return of German nationals from abroad who are on vacation, in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus. The Federal government will allocate 50 million euros to create a "air bridge" in coordination with the airlines
New fever hospital building in Moscow, schools and universities have switched to distance learning, the Russian retail sector is experiencing the effects of panic shopping, the EU closed its borders. What else happened in Russia and in the world due to the spread of COVID-19 - in the article "WG"
Distribution COVID-19 in Europe and North America have made significant changes to NATO's plans. Jeopardy was not only the largest in decades the teachings Defender of Europe in 2020, but also other activities of the Alliance
A new study has shown that the level of support of Euro-skeptics in Europe rose more than doubled over the last 20 years, although the support of the European Union at the same time remains at a record high, writes The Guardian.
For the Germans a vital culture of memory of the events of the Second world war, said the head of the National Union of Germany on care of military cemeteries Wolfgang Shneiderman. According to him, the need to clearly separate this concept from current policy
For the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism Germany is preparing to pass the Russian state military archive copies of personal files of Soviet citizens who found themselves in German captivity. It is expected that the ceremony will be held at the end of April
While Greta Thunberg continues to save the world from ecological disaster, something where there are leaders of the "resistance climate dictatorship" represented as young maidens. Media write about the two "Anti-Greth" from Sweden and Germany. Skeptics believe that they arise for a reason
In Poland began teaching Defender-Europe 20, which will be attended by 37 thousand soldiers from NATO countries, said on Twitter, the Minister of defence of Poland Mariusz Blashak
The world premiere of the 700-hour art project "Dau" by Ilya Khrzhanovsky was taken a year ago in Paris, although it was initially planned in the German capital. However, local officials have a radical idea of a Russian Director on the construction of similarity of the Berlin wall was not supported and had to go to France. But "the Dow" still made it to the Berlinale, albeit not in the form of a giant attraction. Two paintings of the ambitious project are part of one of the world's major festivals.
Coronavirus COVID-19, apparently, is changing: the percentage of deaths seems to be decreasing, despite the increasing speed of distribution around the world. But, for example, in Iran the mortality rate is through the roof. About a mutation of the coronavirus we talked with the ex-employee NPO "Vector", Professor, corresponding member of RAS, head of laboratory of biotechnology and Virology HAIRDRYER Novosibirsk state University Sergey Netesov.
The head of Department on public relations of presidential administration of Turkey Fahrettin Altun reported that Recep Tayyip Erdogan planned to hold telephone talks with world leaders about the events in Idlib
The Chinese plague has reached wall street. On the new York stock exchange is the third day in a row was a collapse: the Dow Jones fell by almost 1200 points. 4-5% sank other major us indices: S&P 500 and NASDAQ. If the wall street "coughs", gripped the rest of the financial world.
Vladimir Etush, who passed away a year ago, did not live three years or until their 100, for me, has always been a man with a secret. A deceptive appearance: the way his rigorous mind, he neither give nor take statesman (rank in the diplomatic service, the Minister or what — come up higher — Governor). And he, being a great dramatic actor, he knew how to make people laugh as a few of his fellow actors. It seemed cautious, but not afraid to marry a woman twice younger than himself and lived with her in the happiness of his last two decades. With these thoughts I go to Elena Etush in her empty house — the famous house-iron in grenade alley.
In India discovered the gold reserves, which is five times the country's gold reserves.&They discovered in the district Sonbhadra in the East of Uttar Pradesh.
Alexander Roebuck for a couple of Egor Bereavem very smartly plays a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the new series "war of the families". However, fans of the Roebuck can say that mediocre Comedy, not fully reflects the acting potential of Alexander and certainly will not be too important a place in his filmography. Was his role harder, not only on the set. We remembered some of them.
In the match of the 26th round of the Euroleague regular season "Zenith" played with Bayern Munich, with whom he shared the last place in the standings
New Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed his deputies Andrei Belousov and Marat Husnullina to assess the possibility of simplification of the procedure of refinancing mortgage loans and the General situation in this sphere. He said: "With such a rate (9% per annum. — M. A.) we will not be able to help people to improve their living conditions, and a national development goal set by the President and which we must achieve".
Authoritative scientific journal Science published an interview with leading epidemiologists from Oxford and Harvard universities. They are sounding the alarm: the coronavirus COVID-19 spread across the planet. Border controls and tracking of patient contacts do not help. It's time to change the whole strategy.
In Germany over the past day had identified 10 new cases of infection with coronavirus
In Europe, ended the season with the traditional carnival, which is jokingly referred to as "the fifth season". Not without scandals: some need to reconsider the acceptable "dress code" for holiday, others lament that political correctness erodes laugh culture, which was so proud of Europe
In the fight against right-wing extremism and hatred of the German authorities took the unprecedented step. The Bundestag adopted a bill that requires passwords of users of social networks official agencies
70-m the Berlin film festival has long been there were not so many Russian films, except in the years of Perestroika. Now, after a radical change in the leadership of the festival, our film is again noticed. The choice was unconventional. Already hosted two premieres. In the framework of the jubilee of the 50th "Forum showed first feature film "the Town fell asleep" Maria Ignatenko, and speciality - "Lessons Farsi" Vadim Perelman, shot in co-production of Russia, Germany and Belarus.
70-th Berlin international film festival came to the middle. It is obvious that the advent of the new leadership, headed by Italian art Director Carlo Chatrian has drastically changed life is the oldest of the festival. Low politicization, what's always made the Berlinale, more pure art. Stars almost there, except that johnny Depp came to present their new work outside the main competition Yes, Sigourney weaver was on the opening day of the track star. With the advent of new curators seemed to have opened the gate, and of Russian cinema, which for many years it was the ordered way flooded.
Edition Welt published material traces of the incident in the German Volkmarsen in Hesse, where the driver crashed into a crowd of people in the carnival procession, stating that his actions could have been intentional
The incident at the carnival in the German town of Volkmarsen, where the driver of the car drove into a crowd of people, injured 30 people. It is reported by the tabloid Bild

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