the Pentagon released a video of the may testing laser weapons. Very beautiful picture where in the Pacific ocean in clear weather landing aboard a U.S. Navy ship the USS Portland let the bright light that effectively burns above the water surface of an unmanned aerial vehicle. It’s almost like in the movie “the Hyperboloid of engineer Garin”.

While another broadcaster CNN reported that this is the first test of the solid-state laser power of 150 kW. This information, apparently, was to give significance to all events. However, neither a pretty picture nor voiced characteristics of American combat laser Russian experts are not impressed. Why, as reported by “MK” military expert Oleg Teltonika.

Why was it necessary to shoot the laser on the drone? It’s the same thing that shoot from a gun on sparrows. Such aircraft can be shot down even with a gun. Why against him to use as a serious system like a laser?

Why? First, because it is beautiful. Here indeed chosen such a demonstrative model for the destruction, which with a relatively small rate moves, and this means easier aiming. And secondly, structural he’s not the most durable. That is, can clearly demonstrate how it is effectively on fire.

that’s a show-trial? But why drone and not any rocket?

– Because in the American Navy there is a kind of “quirk” on drones – Americans very much take out the Iranian drones in the Persian Gulf. Small drones Iran constantly monitor the American ships and the US Navy very much on this account is nervous. And now, the Americans demonstrated that “not all cat Shrovetide will be.” Say, play the game, and we’ll have that’s the way to go.

why fleet demonstrates this development?

In due time, after the collapse of the USSR, the Americans get hold of our laser system, which they sold to the Ukrainians. They got the ship on which were tested the first samples of our laser weapons. However, it was not a full system, and very much dismantled the test sample of our naval weapons. But they were able to study power plant design features. Although the most striking element was no longer there.

That’s why it is now a naval sample they are promoting it as the most complete for practical application. Now they put on your ship such a system, made, of course, on a new level. In the USSR, virtually the whole ship worked on one installation. They now have it all more compact. But still this is the Navy model. A kind of demonstration on owls��Eminem level what they have since achieved.

But if you consider it with modern weapons, then why did they not dare to fire, for example, on cruise missiles?

– as cruise missiles that it will be difficult to implement since there are other speed, sighting range. While those samples that are Americans, they don’t show very well from a tactical point of view. Therefore, all tested in almost ideal conditions and for light purposes. This test is not the first. They had such test systems to “Boeing 747”, when they’ve demonstrated the ability to intercept warheads. But it was also theoretically. Also not on anything real, and of the same model uses.

That last test is a kind of such a demonstration on the most easiest targets in the most perfect weather conditions.

Weather conditions so important?

– Yes. For this type of weapons is important. Laser combat has been greatly influenced by the weather. Haze, fog, clouds – all this greatly affects the possibility of targeting and the possibility of hitting the target.

At what level compared to Americans, our military laser system?

– since the Soviet times, Americans were very jealous of our developments. They accused us in the area of Balkhash laser weapon on satellites by their flying “the Shuttle”. They had a variety of suspicions. How much for this truth – hard to say. But the fact that our development in this area can be considered more modern and advanced than us – that’s for sure.

the impression is that in many technical aspects of the Americans have to catch up with us. But this theme is very closed. Special details on our developments there.

– But in any case, we know that we have laser systems are already in service, they even took at the parade on red square. And they have a similar system only tested.

– Yes. And what we have in the metal, it is compact enough sample. These are just a few of the cars which is the combat system, and electric system and security system. And look at this one quite sternly. And it is clear that on this subject we are seriously ahead of the Americans. In any case, the emergence of the current movie about the trials of American combat laser should be regarded as a demonstration that they are catching up. Anyway, nothing spectacular there not shown. Only shows: behold, they say, we have it, and it basically works.