After twenty days of absence in public of a newly emerged North Korean leader. As reported from Pyongyang, Kim Jong-UN held a meeting of the Central Military Commission of the workers ‘ party of Korea. And just a couple of days before the Western media re-built conspiracy speculation, and discussed the reason that the leader of North Korea has again disappeared from view.

on Friday specializing in North Korean-themed online resource NK News spread “sensational” news: emblem of the Supreme commander Kim Jong UN disappeared in the plots of television of the DPRK.

the Lack of the emblem, consisting of a Marshal’s star and wreath, was seen in several programs of the Central television Korea about Kim Chen Yne.

the Symbol was hidden in 15-minute video about Christmas propaganda slogans of the country, which are usually broadcast once a day. The video was edited somewhere between 18 and 19 February, according to NK News.

the Publication said that the deletion of the emblem may be related to proizvedeniem last year, constitutional amendments to abolish the term “Supreme commander”. After the change, Kim was mentioned as commander in chief.

news about the missing logo, Kim Jong-UN fueled interest in his new absence in the field of view after the North Korean leader appeared on may 1 at a solemn event on the occasion of the commissioning of a plant for the production of fertilizers in Sunchon. Some tabloids on Zapade hurried again to ask the question: is dead or alive Kim?

Numerous rumors and versions about the health of Kim Jong-UN appeared after he disappeared from sight of the world community after April 11, when he chaired a meeting of the political Bureau of the WPK. For more than two weeks later, North Korean state media have published only one photograph of the leader of the country, although it continued to post about his daily life, including the diplomatic messages sent to other world leaders.

it has been Particularly noticed the absence of Kim Jong-UN for the first time during the time spent in power – on celebrating the main national holiday – the birthday of his grandfather, the founder Kim Il sung.

There are rumors that supposedly Kim Jong UN was operated on the heart and is undergoing rehabilitation. One of the Japanese media even reported, citing sources, that Kim Jong-UN as if is in “vegetative state”.

the Top of the mountain of rumors was a report in American tabloid The New York Post that, according to a top Manager of one of Hong Kong television networks, the North Korean leader is dead. A little later, a defector from North Korea, which recently became the Deputy of South Korean Parliament, Chi Ho sen said that he is “99 percent sure” that Kim Jong Eun died.

however, neither in Seoul nor Washington official sources were reluctant to draw far-reaching conclusions from the absence of Kim Jong-UN. And they were right: since may 1, the North Korean leader appeared at the opening of a plant for the production of fertilizers.

However, after that Kim Jong-UN again “disappeared from radar”. What fueled the suspicions of those who believes that the North Korean leader is not so well with health.

Kim had not seen for 23 days. However, local media shared the news that comrade Kim Jong-UN is periodically sent messages to foreign leaders. So, on may 8, has information about oral personal message to President of China XI Jinping in connection with the success of China in the field of combating COVID-19. May 9 – about congratulations to Kim Jong UN to the Russian President Putin on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism. Recently, on may 20, Kim Jong-UN congratulated the Cameroonian President with national holidays. Anyway, after the previous event, the absence of Kim, though provoked understandable questions is not provoked as much excitement.

And now the leader of North Korea again appeared at the meeting of the Central military Commission of the workers ‘ party of Korea.

“the Chairman of the WPK, Chairman of CEC of the WPK comrade Kim Jong-UN chaired the fourth expanded meeting of the CEC of the WPK 7-th convocation, reports state news Agency KCNA. – In the extended meeting was attended by CEC members of the WPK, members of the Executive Committee of the kPa Committee of the WPK, the commanders and Commissars of units and buildings, the command structure of security agencies of different levels, including the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of national security, force protection and Deputy head of key departments of the Central Committee of the party.”

it is Reported that at this meeting were summarized and analyzed “a number of biases that appear in the military-political activity of the total armed forces of the Republic, including the people’s Army.” They also discussed ways to overcome problems and for a decisive improvement, the question review and correction of irrational structural and staffing shortage in the armed forces.

“put forward new courses to further strengthen the deterrent of nuclear war and bringing the highest degree of combat readiness of the strategic forces of the country,” according to the KCNA, adding that there were important measures for a decisive increase firepower of artillery of the Korean people’s Army.

it was emphasised that the “Dear Supreme leader personally signed 7 orders.” Including new, discussed and approved in the Central Military Committee military measures, the order of project staff restructuring to enhance accountability and the role of the chief of military educational institutions, the order on the restructuring of the military command system and ��the ensuring the military ranks of the officers.