Here is a perfect example of a movie is predictable from start to finale, and look interesting. Save a couple of unexpectedly witty story of solutions and the subtleties of interaction between the two characters -a former army Ranger, who joined the service in the CIA, and nine-year-old Sofia, daughter of “object”, for which he was instructed to watch. The object, of course, a beautiful woman, so the ending is already clear.

the Film has set Peter Segal, a once-famous Comedy with Leslie Nielsen “Naked gun 33 1/3”. Here he re-works in Comedy, crossed with killer action and a standard melodrama about a clever little fellow, who wants to arrange the happiness of mother – widowed nurse Kate – and it works wonders ingenuity.

it All starts… in Chernobyl, where the hero gave up the job to deal with the merchants with plutonium, but to make sense of it makes no sense: it is important that shoot. And that the hero saves the day, simultaneously, failing the mission and proving that military manners refined for the profession of the spy. This introduction, she explained to us why screwed from the muscles and tattoos giant JJ (as any spy, he has no human name) suddenly assigned to monitor a peaceful mother and daughter. And give exalted companion Bobby (hammy mercilessly Kristen Shaal), from which only the enthusiastic cries, but it is clear that by the end of the film she will become indispensable. Since both the apartment “object” cameras, but little Sophia is only right to expose the spy, but will begin to implement their own, far-reaching plan… Experience to the audience “My spy” recall the movie “Kindergarten COP” with the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger – mountain of muscles that are placed in the company of screaming kids. Here is the same contrast: the former wwe superstar, six-time world champion Dave “Leviathan” Batista and putting him down Chloe Coleman.

the character has the likeness of the characters. More precisely, the well-balanced scheme constructed on paradoxes. JJ, huge bear in a China shop, is sensitive and vulnerable and tiny teen Sofia showing prudence and composure. Batista is wonderfully bulky and unsophisticated, his character, communing with baby, as if rediscovers his ability to feel life.

Chloe Coleman, their ten years who managed to play in two dozen paintings for my taste suffers just a deficit is natural to the age of naivety, it felt too manners an experienced lizdeika. That, however, she needs for this role, a born blackmailer, so she’s here in his place. Thug teaches the baby the technologies of terror, little thug teaches the art of living. Completely organic in the role of mother of Parisa Fitz-Henley – it is enough to be moderately attractive and moderately of ozabochenOh: the film is unassuming.

When the vicissitudes of communication of the beast with the beauty too delayed, enter into the action of the chase, shown rather stupid, and cool spiced with a final action, where the writer and Director shake all the pedals in the hope to bring the trembling spectators to a nervous breakdown. Each moment remembering that it’s a Comedy where there is any exaggeration, but often oblivious to the fact that the film is positioned as a family is a risky ethical and verbal passages there.