coronavirus Exit from the crisis requires the government to “conform” not only macroeconomic indicators – GDP, inflation and various indices. But the worries about ordinary people who, as they say, was in a difficult life situation. There are in our country of 6.1 %

Yesterday, the Federal government decided to allocate over 4 billion rubles for the creation of temporary jobs. They will be sent to the Russian regions, where better know how to use them most effectively.

Although the General vector asked the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Applied to the employment service for unemployment benefits employees will be to offer jobs in construction, in agriculture, in housing, in the field of landscaping. There are many jobs also in employment services – care for the elderly.

it is possible that some of these funds will be aimed at businesses, which in the pandemic moved its employees to a shorter working week. Perhaps the money will help lost income to employees at least temporarily to restore full work schedule.

As is known, in may the unemployment rate in Russia was 6.1%, in fact, a livelihood lost more than 4.5 million people. Before the outbreak of coronavirus, the unemployment rate was 4.8 percent – almost a million less.

will these billions to those whom the fate of the villain put the gate enterprises?

Is the operative decision of the Cabinet, which is dictated by the need to support the 80 thousand people standing on the verge of decline, – says doctor of economic Sciences Nikita Maslennikov. – You know, a number of domestic companies at the time of the quarantine, to maintain employment, switched to a shorter working week and are about to bankrupt, substantially or completely reducing their States.

– 80 thousand not too little… But unemployed, then we have 6%. Hence, we need not only operational but also capital measures?

– 6,1 %, to be exact. Although in reality we all need to understand – what do we have unemployment? There is some doubt about the provided statistical data. But this kind of navigation bar, we should know where we’re heading.

it Turns out, are struggling to preserve jobs, but at the same time significantly reducing wages. Jobs and money in the purse of the people there.

It is also the sphere of interests of the labor market. The issues of support of employment of the population is much more extensive. Not only unemployed, but also falling incomes of those who moved to part-time. They say, they say, bear with me while “on his knees”. And how many suffer?

do Not flatter ourselves with the illusion that if someone find a job, then he’ll be fine. The situation mustand constantly monitored: how the country lost jobs, and many in the incomplete working day or week.

for Example, during a pandemic, “udalenke” in the country has increased 30-fold, now in this format has about 2 million people. But according to various polls, they began to get much less to accomplish the same, and sometimes more work.

This situation also requires learning on the part of the regulator.

4 billion, of course, good. But it is a temporary measure. After a week or two the need to help others tens of thousands of people. The problem should be studied thoroughly and from all sides.