The Easter exchange of prisoners in the Donbas turned into an embarrassment one missed

“the Easter exchange” of prisoners in the Donbass still held. In any case, by 9 am the first part of this process. Under the supervision of a patrol of the OSCE mission and the International red cross on the line of contact near Gorlovka, the first stage of the exchange between Ukraine and DNR.

the Epidemic of the coronavirus intervened in this process – between the DNI and the LC are now strict quarantine border, for the first time the exchange occurs in two locations. Part of Donetsk came under the Gorlovka, Lugansk – the Village Lugansk under. During the Donetsk part exchange on a narrow road towards the settlement Mayorsk were all in masks, gloves, and released waiting for places to strict quarantine observation for 14 days. In Kiev, even promised to equip the chamber of an unnamed infectious body all the necessary gadgets for video communication with family.

Donetsk gave Kiev 10 people received 8 Lugansk is going to vary according to equation 11 to 7. It does not correspond to previously announced figures about the exchange, 19 to 20, Torg went to the last minute, under Gorlovka, one of the Ukrainian prisoners refused to go on the side of Kiev and transferred from DNR to the eleven prisoners suddenly ten.

This exchange is one of the most confusing and incomprehensible to the supporters of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Kiev has practically no high-profile prisoners, held the minimum legal clearance. Therefore, return is not clear whom. All “political” prisoners in the same Donetsk known by name, they are kept in a limited number of zones and places of detention – I had a chance to not only prisoners and “spies SBU”, but also their relatives. In September and December, the exchange went one hundred and fifty people. According to them names of famous prisoners and is prepared to exchange prisoners with Ukraine and civilians, concentrated in the 32nd colony of the city of Makeyevka near Donetsk. On the eve there took only two soldiers, who are the other eleven people from taking the Ukraine, none of the former inmates and relatives present knows and understands. In places of deprivation of liberty under the auspices of the Ministry of state security of DND, these people were not sitting. In Kiev louder voices claiming that the exchange administration Zelensky began to pick up little-known criminals. Relatives of the prisoners and civilian detainees the night before, even wrote a strongly-worded appeal to Vladimir Zelensky, demanding, “let’s talk!”