Putin instructed to assess regional measures to combat coronavirus

the Head of state instructed to allocate funds for additional payments to physicians who provide care for the sick with coronavirus, from April 1 to June 30. As the President said: the doctors – 80 thousand roubles, average medical staff – 50 thousand, the Junior staff and ambulance drivers – 25 thousand. Vladimir Putin said that these tools doctors and nurses need to “clean”, that is these amounts – on hand. Also these categories are now based on insurance guarantees similar to the military. Deadline – April 25. Regional bonuses when it can not be removed.

the President instructed to simplify the procedure and shorten the time of preclinical and clinical trials and state registration of immunobiological drugs for the prevention of diseases that pose a danger to others (including vaccines, coronavirus), and to provide for the possibility of clinical trials in parallel with preclinical studies.

Part of the instructions for the employment. Citizens recognized as unemployed after March 1 will receive from 1 April to 30 June unemployment benefits in the maximum amount and if they have minor children, 3 thousand rubles per month for each child. Putin also instructed the government jointly with the Central Bank to develop a program of additional support to the real sector to maintain employment and income levels of employees.

the Government will provide small and medium businesses in the most affected industries in the deferral of payment of insurance contributions to state extra-budgetary funds for six months. And taxpayers granted deferral of payment of taxes (except VAT) and insurance premiums, will be able to repay the monthly amount in equal installments during the year following the expiration of six months from the date of suspension.

in addition, the head of state instructed to perform regional measures in connection with the spread of coronavirus and to assess their adequacy. Regional authorities in the implementation of restrictive measures must proceed from the necessity of sustainable development of the economy under the absolute priority the protection of life and health of people. Until 20 April, and then weekly, regions shall provide through the clearing house to monitor the situation with coronavirus and information about measures to support the economy and employment.

And another innovation, which was declared earlier by the President: the validity of the passport and driver’s license suspended for not less than three months.