the Capital’s MPs returned to the topic of Segways in the city, which recently raised “RG”. According to the head of the Moscow city Duma Commission on security, sport and youth policy Cyril Shitova, these vehicles should be compared to the bikes, he said the Agency “Moscow”.

“Segways – not vehicles in their classic sense, and the mechanical means of individual mobility, a great means of transportation within the area, which you can take with you on the subway or bus, – said Shields. – Therefore, to require a driver’s license from cyclists, in my opinion, unwise. But to equate scooters to bikes – vehicles for control which is not needed right, but which have their clear rules of behavior in the city could and should be. Legal vacuum in this growing sector should no longer be”.

Recall that recently the police have opened a criminal case against a resident of Moscow, who knocked down a pedestrian on the electric skateboard.