the Capital’s MPs adopted amendments to the capital Code about administrative offences, establishing penalties of 2 to 700 thousand rubles for the lack of measures on elimination of the Hogweed. About it reports a press-service of the Moscow city Duma.

According to the press service, the deputies adopted the draft law of Moscow “On amendments to the “Code of Moscow about administrative offences” and the law of Moscow “On landscaping in Moscow”, where the legislation is amended to prevent and stop overgrowing of land in the Metropolitan cow parsnip Sosnowski. According to the document, the owner (franchisor) of land required to carry out the maintenance and beautification of the area of Moscow within the boundaries of the land owned by them by right of ownership or other proprietary right. The author of the initiative Deputy Valery Golovchenko said that the bill provides for the establishment of administrative responsibility for conducting of measures on the removal from land of Sosnowski’s Hogweed.

“take steps to remove the Hogweed will cause a warning and the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of 2-5 thousand rubles, for officials – 20-50 thousand rubles for legal entities – 150-700 thousand rubles”, – he said. According to him, to fight effectively we need a comprehensive method, it is not only elimination, but also controls results and preventive measures. He also said that currently, fines are also foreseen in the framework of the law on the protection of green space, however, in 2019, was drawn up only 20-30 protocols for each County.

As was commented by the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov, the spontaneous centers of growth Hogweed occur in virtually every district of Moscow. Annually in medical institutions of the capital drawn a large number of Muscovites with complaints of burns caused by the juice of this dangerous plant.

“I know this firsthand, because the issue for my constituency. Residents of areas of Medvedkovo Sviblovo and constantly notice this weed in their yards and houses adjoining areas, near playgrounds and sports grounds, said Shaposhnikov. Recently with the threat of a plant encountered in the Park Yauza along the Severodvinskaya street. This is despite the fact that employees “Mospeada” regularly destroy the Hogweed, responding quickly to requests of citizens. For a comprehensive solution of the issue across the city at a meeting of the Moscow city Duma adopted amendments to the administrative code of Moscow, which establishes liability for the lack of measures for removal of Hogweed”.

Recall that the Sosnovsky cow parsnip was bred by the breeders in the middle of the last century as a cheap cattle feed. However, it was later revealed his dangerous side, the cattle suffered burns internal organ��in, and by ingestion of plant SAP on the skin are serious chemical burns. Known repeated instances of serious burns from Hogweed Sosnowski, including children.