the applicant is the resident of Moscow, learn on my own example that the banker is not always a polite young man in a suit. Sometimes the telephone is a natural ham.

Citizen in 2014 took a Bank loan to buy a car. In 2016 between the national and the Bank had a financial misunderstanding. The debtor did not protogynous contract hull, for which the Bank deducted from the amount of the next payment penalties. In a surprise to the national debt, because the man was sure that the next payment is repaid in full and no claims against him.

a few years from now, in 2018, when, presumably, has run a sufficient interest on the resulting free-kick duty, the bankers began to worry people. Moreover, the word “alarming” in this case – not a figure of speech: people are almost terrorized. He called almost round the clock.

meanwhile, in 2017 entered into force a law that imposed strict rules of debt collection. Most importantly, debtors need to communicate culturally and in moderation. Persuade and negotiate rather than to push and insult. Negotiate on the phone no more than once a day, twice a week and eight times a month from 8.00 to 22.00 on weekdays and from 9.00 to 20.00 on weekends and holidays.

For violations of the debt collection imposed sanctions in the administrative code. However, the relevant article of the administrative code is formulated so that it falls only collectors. In the end, as they say practice, collectors slow down, but the bankers took over not always gentlemanly methods of the collectors. In the end, the bailiffs, who are engaged in supervision over the collectors can’t help people who faced bankers. The courts reject the relevant materials. This time the citizen calls the wrong went unpunished.

How to tell the experts, in practice many banks have integrated into its structure a collection Agency. Thus, collectors with a slight gesture of banking personnel became Bank clerks, and so began jurisdiction for anticollection norms of the administrative code. However, it is theoretically possible to complain about CADS-bankers in the Central Bank, so he punished them with his power.

the Applicant requests the constitutional court to check whether this provision is in accordance with the Basic Law.

by the Way, to solve the problem trying and the Ministry of justice. It has recently published a draft of the big amendments to the law governing debt collection. One of the main provisions: it is assumed that the Federal bailiff service will control almost all structures involved in debt collection. Today, under the oversight agencies are just a collection Agency.

the List included in the register of bailiffs General description��forming could potentially grow 100 times. Currently, it includes only about 300 of debt collection agencies. According to Ministry of justice, under the new rules of law can get more than 43 thousand organizations, including 800 banks. But while this is only a draft.