Finance Minister Anton Siluanov stressed that in cases when the timely implementation of any activities under national projects is impossible, planned for them, the money should be redistributed to other priority areas, and not turn into unused balances. In connection with COVID-19, the government had the right to make such a redeployment in 2020 without amending the budget law.

the Essence of the adjustments of projects before approval agencies, the curators did not disclose, however, they were partly included in the draft economic recovery plan, whose revised version was sent to the President. In the first place “gain” will affect infrastructure projects, the construction of which give a multiplier effect up the supply chain and is in crises invariably receive an additional budget boost. Thus, the draft recovery plan involves the implementation of the national project “Safe and high quality roads” in four years instead of five (and this implies an increase in annual funding), the selection in 2020-2021 years RUB 100 billion for improving the infrastructure and other facilities.

it is Assumed that the total amount planned for projects at least will not decrease to support the economy the government is willing to the Federal budget deficit amounting to almost 6% of GDP (over $ 6 trillion). For the first time in the crisis state increases the overall cost and not reduce investment plans. Budget investment should help to overcome the consequences of the “perfect storm” which hit the economy in March, while the largest company, by contrast, reduce their investment.