Self-regulatory organization (SRO) builders and designers will be able to give their members loans out of funds compensation funds for contractual obligations under the maximum of 2.25%. As follows from the decision of the government to obtain loans of the organization, which paid by April 1, the salaries and do not have tax arrears of more than 300 thousand loans in this limited — size of the Fund should not fall below a minimum level, calculated from the obligations of SRO members.The government approved the rules for granting loans from the funds compensation funds for contractual obligations of the SRO. Recall, this is considered by the authorities as an additional measure of support for the construction industry — as previously reported by Vice-Premier Marat Khusnullin, the provision of such loans will bring to the economy about 50 billion rubles a Law permitting the granting of such credits until January 1, 2021, has already entered into force, it establishes that the loans may be made not more than 50% of the compensation Fund for contractual obligations (mandatory for participation in public tenders and auctions). However, the results of such loans is possible only in the case that after granting the Fund size will not fall below the minimum (calculated based on the actual number of members of the SRO and the level of their responsibility).The resolution sets the maximum allowable level of interest accrued for the use of such funds: not above half the key rate of the Central Bank on the date of issuance of the loan (to date — not more than 2.25%). In fact, these loans can be called a target — they may be available for the payment of wages to employees, procurement of building materials (for contracts executed prior to April 1) and paying compensation to banks for providing Bank guarantee. To the borrowers to fulfill various requirements, in particular about the absence of arrears of wages on 1 April and tax debts for the sum over 300 thousand roubles, and the need to provide a loan (e.g. secured by property, the value of which at least 30% higher than the loan amount).Upstream control of the national associations SRO formality — he provided only copies of the documents and the report. Although the initial version of the document (in the preparation phase of the project) was proposed to give them the right to ask banks about blocking the accounts of the borrower, if his actions are discovered violations and the SRO in this case does not eliminate them.Eugene Kryuchkov