Coronavirus called priapism (prolonged, painful erection not related to sexual arousal – ed.) 62-year-old citizen of France. The man had this condition when he was in the hospital about COVID-19. His penis formed a thrombus.

according to the publication Daily Mail, the elderly man was admitted to the hospital of Le Shen with a heavy bout of coronavirus. However, after some time he faced some new trouble. His penis formed a blood clot that caused a prolonged and very painful erection.

Thrombosis has previously been described by doctors as a dangerous complication coronavirus. When blood clots clog arteries or veins, they can cause fatal heart attacks and strokes. They can also lead to pripiasm. However, it is believed that this is the first case of priapism caused directly by the action of coronavirus.

Doctors of the Centre Hospitaller de Versailles in Le Chesnay, near Paris, had to remove blood clots from the penis of the patient, and only then was able to remove the pain. On the area of the penis was applied an ice pack. After four hours of hard erection doctors sucked the blood from his penis with a needle.

According to doctors, 30% of people in hospitals with coronavirus, the formation of blood clots.

blood Clots are dangerous because they can damage the tissue around them, and torn, having moved to the brain or heart to cause a stroke or heart attack.

the Reason why patients develop blood clots, is that the virus makes the blood thicker.